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What language does your body speak, or the secrets of eromassage

Erotic massage can be understood in different ways. Many people perceive it as a pleasant prelude to the main action, while others come to professional salons to relax as much as possible and experience pleasure without sexual contact. But in fact, erotic massage is something more subtle and versatile. And here’s why.

He was born in the East – a place where nothing happens just like that. Any practice that has arisen there has a strong philosophical basis and carries a certain meaning. In other words, making eromassazh, Eastern women invest in it something much more than intimate caress. It is believed that, responding to the exciting touch, the body tells us something, speaks a mysterious but important language. You just need to be able to listen and understand.

What can tell the right intimate massage, and how to learn to recognize the subtle signals and hints of your body?

Body Language in reactions and sensations

Perhaps every person who came to the eromassage procedure for the first time is incredibly surprised. He simply does not imagine that the body, familiar to him from birth, it would seem, explored up and down, can experience such sensations and so sensitively respond to the right touch. These are emotions and States that are very difficult to describe, but they are so pleasant and stunning that many come again and again, just to experience it again.

If in doubt, stop! You, too, can discover the unexplored facets of your own physical sensitivity and appreciate them. Just get ready – and come to St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”, where you will be very pleasantly met and immersed in the wonderful waves of Nirvana! But back to body language.

The body – it is able to talk to a person only through sensations. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes not very painful, but never-such as can give a professional massage. By experiencing these States, you will learn:

  • feel your own sensuality to the fullest;
  • control your own emotions;
  • correctly assess a variety of bodily reactions;
  • relax as much as possible. completely renouncing the world;
  • to feel in a new way, with all possible sharpness and subtlety.

Here it is important to understand: erotic massage liberates, reveals the inner potential. It frees your body, allowing your skin and receptors to react in new ways. Many people discover at themselves erogenous zones hidden earlier and even not suspected by them.

Someone experiences a real orgasm without intercourse. Others abandon current problems and become so immersed in their own feelings that they forget about everything at all. The reaction of each person is purely individual, but it is in any case positive and healing for the whole body as a whole. And not only on the physical level, but also on the mental, energy.

If you want to understand your own body and discover something still unknown to you, come to our Spa on Nevsky Prospekt! Professional masseuses will conduct a procedure that will take your breath away. And we guarantee: you are experiencing emotions, feelings and sensations that you have never experienced before and probably would not have experienced!

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