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Japanese erotic massage: to Paradise on the doorstep!

As you know, the wonderful East, thanks to its sophisticated perception of the world and transcendent philosophy, gave all of humanity the amazing massage techniques. Rather, it is even a kind of art brought unprecedented enjoyment. We invite you to Spa for men “Mask” in St.-Petersburg one of these procedures – Japanese erotic massage. Guarantee that it will be unforgettable, emotionally powerful and truly life-giving experience. You will feel the positive energy will permeate every cell, fills the whole body, invigorate the spirit and give impetus to new achievements. Determined to conquer the mountain? Then visit our salon first!

What is Japanese erotic massage

Let’s first get acquainted with the history of this unusual massage techniques. Of course, she came from the land of the Rising sun, and known since ancient times. Erotic massage – the main discipline, which was taught by a professional geisha. It was believed that if you don’t know this art, and on this field to do you just have nothing. Because this procedure helps to relax your host, configure it on the positive, and most importantly, to restore libido and to prepare for the sexual act.

But that was then. Today the concept has changed a bit, and no matter what sex you configure will not, but to relax and experience great, just unreal pleasure our colleagues will help. The procedure is performed using special oils that saturate skin, exude the intoxicating fragrance and create a positive mood. Warming up every part of the body, without attention will not remain a one cell. However, very carefully girls will handle your intimate areas – that is hidden the whole point of Japanese erotic massage.

No close contact is not expected. Yes, your libido is released, and you will definitely feel the growing excitement. But realize it will only be in the bedroom with the woman.

What’s so good about Japanese erotic massage

About Japanese erotic massage, as a life-giving, useful procedure you can talk endlessly. Yes, it gives an unprecedented feeling, pleasant, totally relaxing and exciting at the same time. The gentle hands of our girls, skilled movements, a full understanding of the technique – all this speaks only in favor of the ordering procedure. But what exactly is it good for your health? Here it is:

  • improves blood flow in all organs, but especially in the area of the pelvis;
  • helps prevent problems of the genitourinary system;
  • acts as a great prevention of prostate problems;
  • restores libido, makes sex life is active;
  • returns the vitality, invigorates the whole body and every part of it;
  • brings a pleasure that nothing can compare.

whether to order Japanese erotic massage? Yes, if you are feeling chronic fatigue, has lost the taste of life, no longer get any pleasure from sexual relations, and moreover, you have them already there.

Yes, if you want to experience something really new, bright and extremely pleasant, open to new experiences, looking for a cool emotion.

Yes, if you like massage, thrilled by the touch and spreads over the body with aromatic oil, relax and truly get a buzz.

However, suggest to choose only certified salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg. We recommend “Mask” on Nevsky, 51, as know who works here and how it works! It is here that you will get what you wanted, and even more completely shut off from the worries and drown in Nirvana bliss. We invite you for a true delight, because we have the slightly open door to heaven!