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Where and how can I order urological massage

Saint Petersburg, of course, cultural capital, but that doesn’t make it less stressful for travelers. Still, the metropolis, where vanity rules every day. All somewhere in a hurry, that is trying to do, why do something in a hurry. It is not surprising that the energy slowly melting, and men it comes a solid, impenetrable fatigue and depression. And with them comes lose on the personal front.

We can easily dispel any unpleasant condition! We invite you to our salon on urological massage procedure, the life-giving influence on the male body. You will become easy, free, again you will feel the taste of life. And, of course, to relax! Our Spa Mask – one of the most popular all over St. Petersburg. Our lovely employee know a lot about erotic massage! Come and see for yourself. In the meantime, a few words about the amazing procedure.

Urological massage: what is it

Let’s Start with the fact that the urological massage known for a long time, and he came to us from the East. Now, however, this technique is therapeutic and is an excellent prevention of problems in the male genitourinary field. It can be attributed to an erotic massage without sex, if not for this feature. There probably not even in the pleasure business (although it is undoubtedly present), and the enormous benefits to your health.

Will cover another important aspect. It is impossible to conduct urological massage yourself or ask the layman. The fact that improper implementation is not only did not improve, but rather bring pain. That is why the procedure is still unpopular among men, but, in fact, favor it very difficult to exaggerate. So, in order:

  • You will experience a very unusual feeling;
  • You will feel a surge of energy and excitement;
  • improved blood flow in the pelvis;
  • Restores erectile function;
  • In General, improve the General condition and mood.

According to the areas of impact we can speak about three types of urological massage.

The first only stimulates the prostate gland. The second has a direct impact on the urethra, and the third on the seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands. Often this massage is carried out within the walls of medical offices to identify various problems with the urinary or reproductive system in men.

the Salon “Mask”, and what awaits you there

We are not a clinic and not a hospital. We appreciate the comfort and positive experience of our customers. That is why, going to a Spa for men “Mask”, you will immediately sense a friendly atmosphere and a warm stop. And work we are not doctors in white coats, and cute girls who know the business! Therefore, urological massage at the Spa, “the Mask” is a pleasure that brings relaxation! Come – and you will experience the full range of positive emotions.

People are very vulnerable to the adversity and problems that so many if he lives in a metropolis like St. Petersburg. There is no time left even just to stop and breathe in the frantic pace of the pursuit of success and income. And yet, if you do not leave time to care about yourself, loved, and very soon your health will be shattered. In men, first and foremost, vulnerable two systems – sexual and reproductive. It is therefore not necessary to wait, when something will happen. Come to us and remove the stress for the benefit of their own health!