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All about the Turkish massage and the benefits it brings

If you want to relax, living in the rhythm of a big city, a megalopolis like St. Petersburg, where are you going? Someone resting in the entertainment business type Nightclubs or strip bars, someone goes to the movies, someone just walks through forgotten streets. But we invite you to Turkish male massage in Spa salon “Mask”, it’s easy to reach from almost anywhere in the city. Our facility is located on Nevsky prospect, 51. Doors are always wide open to welcome guests, a lovely girl with a threshold meet a tender smile.

But the most interesting – there, in a small closed room, where he begins a magical procedure. Treat yourself to a real Turkish massage, made light of women’s hands, and you will feel the beauty of life.

What is Turkish massage, and who invented it

Turkey is a country rich in culture and traditional way of life. Its people have for centuries made a reverence and respect for the man, expressed in various comfortable procedures. Including, and massage, each of which has many distinctive features, due to the origin.

So, turkish massage refers to techniques that are conducted in the conditions of the baths, specifically the steam room. The development and description of techniques of its implementation directly associated with the name of Avicenna. This medieval Asian medic, glorified, and science itself, and its name, used massage not simply as a set of actions which brings pleasure, but also as a treatment.

Actually, the term “Turkish massage” call some techniques originated and developed in an amazing country, and this should talk in more detail.

Types and use the Turkish massage

Strictly speaking, erotic massage this procedure is difficult to call because of the direct impact on the erogenous zones it is not intended. However, it takes in quite intimate terms, and also gives incomparable pleasure, helping to solve some health problems. Plus, a positive effect not only on the body but on the nervous system, which is especially needed for the residents of St. Petersburg- city beautiful, but full of bustle, characteristic of megacities. So, here are some common techniques belonging to the group of Turkish massage.

  • Classic
  • Is performed only in the conditions of the Hamam and is exactly fifty minutes, no more and no less. Relaxed in the hot air body gently stimulated, and the masseuse works literally every plot, don’t skip anything. Be sure to use oil and the inclusion of light, melodious music. The procedure gives complete relaxation and refreshment.

  • Soap foaming and peeling
  • There is classic strokes and kneading adds a soft and gentle influence of bubbles in soap foam. It is believed that purified not only the body and the skin by means of peeling procedures, but the soul itself. It opens communication with the higher powers and gives complete relaxation you have never felt before.

  • Elements with a Relaxing Spa care
  • Another variation of a Turkish massage, which helps to restore the beauty and health of the skin, to regain vigour and vitality. Held, as the previous one, in the Hamam. This erotic massage requires about an hour and completely transforms a person. Is c required use of oil, heated to a comfortable temperature. Imagine: flowing soft music, the room itself is dark, and beautiful girl casts a spell over your body. The feeling of magic!

If you want to know what a Turkish massage and discover a new dimension of sensations, come to “the Mask”! Guarantee, it’ll be fun and unforgettable!