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Three types of sexual massage

Sexual massage is different, but it is always distinguished by a certain intimacy, aimed at delivering maximum pleasure to the partner. At the same time, the sexual act itself is not assumed: the procedure only teases, causes excitement, makes you relax and experience feelings close to orgasm at the same time. However, to confuse sexual and eromassazh still not worth it, because they are really different.

Let’s try to understand what these differences are. Let’s start with the fact that erotic massage involves a direct impact on the human erogenous zones, close physical contact. And, often to intimate places touch not only hands. There are practices based on sliding movements of the naked mammary glands or even contact with the entire skin. Sexy massage – is not necessarily stimulation of the genital organs. There are three types of treatments, and not everyone can be ordered even in one of the best St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. Why?

First type: intuitive

You will not meet him in any salon! All because this type of sexual massage is inherent only to loving couples in which partners care about pleasure of each other. Knowing the habits of his beloved, knowing what he likes, you can easily build a person to the heights of bliss, without having special techniques of massaging.

It is Believed that it is women who perform such preludes best. After all, they are so gentle, attentive and caring that they subtly feel their partner and correctly understand the reactions. But in fact, any loving person can bring pleasure to his half, just relying on his own intuition.

Second type: sensual

This massage is considered to be partly Amateur, but also occurs in professional salons. The main task is to awaken sensuality without direct influence on erogenous zones, and by means of use of gentle touches and exciting aromatic oils. The procedure is very beautiful and heartfelt, which can be easily arranged at home!

One person lies completely relaxed, and the other gently rubs into his skin various means having tantalizing smells. This is a real erotic massage without sex, because here the main task is to completely relax, make you feel the pleasure of every cell of the body.

Third type is actually erotic

So we have reached the moment of truth. Erotic massage-is one of the types of sexual massage, which, unlike the first two, involves stimulation of the genitals. It is he who brings positive moments for physical health: increases blood flow in the pelvis, increases libido, improves overall health and helps to achieve the necessary discharge. Varieties of intimate massage-a huge variety, you can order any procedure you like in our Spa “Mask” to assess what a magical effect is on the human body. Here you can not do without a professional: only knowledgeable professionals correctly affect the body and bring to the desired effect!

Any of the three types of sexual massage will give a lot of vivid impressions and make you experience rich emotions. It is unusual and easily becomes part of the couple’s love games.