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Five favorite erotic massage techniques

Erotic massage shakes, excites, causes a feeling of real buzz. It’s not for nothing that people love him so much. But still, as practice shows, only certain techniques are in particular demand among customers. Those that soon become the hallmark of modern spas. Today we will tell you about five such types of erotic massage.

If you suddenly like some of the described procedure, and want to go and check out its wonderful effect on yourself, you know where to look for us. The same hospitable St. Petersburg Spa “Maska” opens its doors wide and waits for its favorite customers at any time of the day! Come and discover true relaxation with a delicious twist!

Thai body massage: almost a classic

If you have never tried erotic massage, we recommend starting with this technique. Why? Just because the whole body is involved. And, not only yours, but also a charming masseuse. The beautiful girl will skillfully and very gently slide on you, RUB, cause the most pleasant, unforgettable sensations. Believe me, this is a sea of pleasure that you have never experienced before. Even being very sophisticated in matters of eroticism, this procedure is definitely worth a try!

“Sakura Branch”: the embodiment of tenderness

This is a game with breathing, light touches of the lips, the tongue. A very exciting and at the same time beautiful procedure that opens up new facets of sensuality and sensitivity. Imagine how a sprig of Sakura glides over the body, barely touching it, but at the same time tickling the skin. Approximately the same will be done by a charming masseuse, provoking your body. We highly recommend that you try it!

lingam Massage: a sea of pleasure

Perhaps this is one of the most favorite techniques of intimate massage for men. It focuses on the penis, but without any vulgarity. The girl caresses him with her hands, touches him with her whole body. Again, this is a subtle erotic game, exciting, causing a very pleasant and at the same time a thrill. According to many experts, this eromassazh perfectly helps to cope with problems related to low libido. Plus, it relaxes and charges with positive emotions.

Tantric massage: erotic philosophy

An original technique invented in Ancient India. The main attention is paid to the exchange of male and female energy, and sensual pleasure follows. It is supposed to play with the client’s genitals, and usually this eromassage is carried out by two girls. The procedure, despite all the frankness, has a pronounced meditative character and captivates with its rhythmicity. Its pace often changes, which only makes it more exciting.

Aqua Massage: modern relaxation

And this type of eromassazh can be safely called the youngest of all described above. In fact, gentle play with the shower and water jets, caressing the body under its noise. As a rule, the procedure takes place in a Jacuzzi or a large bath filled to the brim with air foam. Today, we offer another cool variety: Aquagel massage. Here in the course is also a special sliding gel, from contact with which the feeling is simply mind-blowing!

Come to our Spa on Nevsky Prospekt and try any of the techniques described above! Or discover other, no less pleasant and sensual!

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