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h1>Massage: so different and so useful

Any kind of massage, not only erotic, but also therapeutic or preventive, brings a lot of benefits. First, it helps to relax, put the muscles in order, get a pleasant physical sensation. Secondly, it restores normal blood flow, nourishing and saturating the internal tissues with oxygen, vitamins, micro-and macroelements.

Finally, just allows you to gather your thoughts, be filled with life-giving forces – and again to rush into battle. After all, life in a metropolis such as St. Petersburg is filled with stressful situations. We are confident that every modern person who cares about health, should at least a couple of times a week to undergo these pleasant procedures. We invite you to a quality, incredible feeling erotic massage in St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask”. In the meantime, you think, let’s tell a few facts about these amazing techniques.

Top 5 facts that will surprise you

So, massage, and especially erotic – the procedure is not simple. Appeared in the East many hundreds of years ago, it was always filled with a mysterious, sacred meaning. The procedures, too Frank, were carried out not only to excite a man, but also to fill his body with the correct, creative, energy, the disclosure of special chakras, the restoration of potency, etc.

Different techniques, gentle touch, mandatory excitement and discharge – all this, of course, is typical of any erotic massage without sex. However, today we will talk about something else. Here are 5 interesting facts about any massage.

  • Fact 1: Touch features
  • Massage always begins with light, almost weightless touches. This awakens the receptors of the human skin, and the entire surface of the body is adjusted to a pleasant procedure. It is on the principle of almost imperceptible first touch and built any proper massage technique.

  • Fact 2: A rich arsenal of techniques
  • Starting with light strokes that are almost not felt, experienced masseuses only prepare the client’s body for the upcoming action. In General, each professional employee of the salon has an average of fifty different methods of influence on your skin Believe me, an experienced masseuse can surprise the client, revealing unknown even to him the potential!

  • Fact 3: Massage and lactic acid
  • Lactic acid helps baby grow, so it needs constant movement. Produced in large quantities in an adult, it causes muscle pain. Massage effectively copes with the task of removing lactic acid. Especially it is required for people who are engaged in increased physical activity, for example, visit the gym. To the muscles do not hurt, and lactic acid is not accumulated, go on a pleasant procedure!

  • Fact 4: Massage – sleep replacement
  • Among experts there is an opinion: hour procedure of good, qualitative and useful massage quite adequate replacement to 6-7 hours of deep sleep. It is difficult to argue with this statement. Indeed, if the massage is carried out well and correctly, the person will relax and rest as much as possible, as if he had slept. And if it is also an erotic massage, you will get incredible pleasure!

  • Fact 5: Pleasure for men and women
  • It is tacitly assumed that the vast majority of Spa clients are men. However, in reality it is not so. Women’s skin is no less sensitive to touch, so the girls also love these procedures, especially erotic. That’s why most salons offer massage services for women as well as for couples.

And it’s better once to try than hundred times to read. That is why you should not hesitate or doubt. Just get ready – and come to our Spa, the doors of which are open around the clock for your favorite customers!

Come and feel the power of the magical effects of this erotic massage!

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