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Top 3 most important myths about eromassage

Erotic massage, of course, firmly entered the life of modern man. It is used by both men and women, getting a pleasant relaxation after a stressful working day. And yet, there are still various myths about eromassage, most of which have nothing to do with reality. Today we will dispel them.

Erotic massage is one of the best procedures that help to completely relieve tension and experience incomparable pleasure. And this statement is not a myth. Come to our Spa salon “Mask”, comfortably located on Nevsky Prospekt, and see for yourself! Great atmosphere, soothing music, charming girls – what could be better after a difficult day? We invite you to visit us and remind you that our doors are open around the clock.

Myths that should be dispelled long ago

And now it’s time for myths and fairy tales. Erotic massage is not at all what many people think about it, who have never experienced all the bliss of these procedures. It is filled with sensuality and magic, it returns strength and charges with the best energy, and finally, it just gives a good mood. And it’s all true. And myths – here they are.

In any eromassage salon, you can easily get intimate

This is not true. One of the main rules of this erotic massage – no sexual contact. After all, the main task is to bring the client to ecstasy, without entering into sexual relations with him. Eromassage teases, turns on, causes the most explicit desires, but never crosses the line.

There is another rule that completely excludes sex between a client and an employee. There should be no reciprocal caresses. This does not mean that the customer should lie like a log and not move. No, he can show his pleasure in every possible way, bask and enjoy, but “pawing” girls is strictly prohibited. If you violate this rule, you will be blacklisted and denied services.

Clients are exclusively male

Perhaps the most common and stupid myth itself. Indeed, previously such services were available only to the stronger sex, but! Times have changed a long time ago. Today, girls can also order an intimate massage. And, we are sure, representatives of the weak half of all mankind love such procedures no less. And if you consider how sensual women are, then eromassage is the perfect choice for a useful and pleasant relaxation!

Anyone can become a masseuse, you don’t need to study

And this is also a complete lie. Of course, when hiring a future masseuse, the appearance will play a big role, but not the most important. A specialist should be a Pro in her field. This means that she must know the basic techniques, be able to properly handle the client’s body, understand which points and erogenous zones can and should be affected. And you still have to learn to do it.

In a word, there are many myths around erotic massage. The ones we’ve told you about aren’t all there yet. Wait for the continuation of this interesting topic and come to us for the most pleasant procedures of modern intimate massage!

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