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The subtleties of erotic massage that you never knew

Erotic massage is very pleasant, healthy and unusual. No wonder people, at least once experienced the beauty of such procedures, come again and again.

Eromassazh opens new facets of sensuality, inspires a person, returns long-lost strength, restores libido and, Yes, is an excellent prevention of diseases of the sexual sphere.

If you want to appreciate all the delights of any chosen technique, come to the Spa for men “Mask” – and relax to the fullest! Moreover, you will not only relax, get incredible pleasure, but also recharge your batteries for a few months ahead, and most importantly, return harmony to your personal life. These are really magical procedures that make your head spin!

And today we propose to slightly lift the veil of mystery and tell why they turn out so sensual.

Secrets at your fingertips

Erotic massage is performed primarily by the hands, or rather-the fingertips. Although often in the course of going and other parts of the body, but the fingers are a classic. Scientists have proven that once you touch the soft pads to the skin of a person, as he relaxes, feels very pleasant touch and liberated. The heart stops, and then begins to beat in a rapid rhythm. And this is all because there are more than 5,000,000 hypersensitive receptors in the skin, namely the touch of the fingertips wakes them all up.

a Professional masseuse who knows the secrets of the human body, only one light movements, barely affecting the client, will bring him to the highest peak of pleasure. Yes, the skin is able to respond to the touch of fingers in a way you can not even imagine! And now is the time to visit the “Mask” to discover completely new facets of physical pleasure!

Maddening touch

Let’s say at once: erotic massage is not a betrayal of a loved one, and even more so, not a prelude to a sexual act. This is an opportunity to open other sides of your sensuality, to experience moments of Supreme pleasure, which will never give intimacy. Here are just a few facts that say that every modern person should at least once visit the procedure of eromassage and forget about everything:

  • In the arsenal of any skilled masseuse there are about 50 incredible massage techniques, and some-even more;
  • the effect of rest and relaxation of the body, obtained from professional massage, can be equated with about 8 hours of deep, healthy sleep;
  • during such procedures, girls affect various erogenous zones of the male body, causing powerful responses without sex;
  • any massage significantly increases the level of the happiness hormone (or endorphin) in the blood, but erotic copes with this task ten times better than usual;
  • the procedure improves blood flow, especially in the genitals, thereby improving their condition and preventing various problems.

Eromassage is not only very pleasant, but also really necessary for stress relief, relaxation, return of sexual activity. Modern life in megacities such as St. Petersburg does not indulge in relaxation, but, on the contrary, throws up millions of problems every day. So, erotic massage without sex, perhaps one of the best ways to remove all the accumulated negativity. Take off and have a good rest!

We Invite you to the procedures in St. Petersburg Spa “Mask” and promise: it will not only be good, but also useful for your health!

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