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Maddening techniques of erotic massage

Erotic massage unreal: he takes over the brink of bliss, forcing you to turn away from the world. Urgent problems, conflicts of the current day, personal misunderstandings – everything is lost, it becomes unclear and distant when immersed in the Nirvana of sensual pleasure. Don’t believe?

We invite you to St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. It is conveniently located right in the center of the Northern capital: on Nevsky prospect, 51. You will be met by beautiful girls who know exactly how to perform the procedure, every minute taking the client further into the bright world of magical sensations. In the meantime, you have not gone anywhere and read, they are ready to share some secrets.

What determines a cool intimate massage

Intimate massage is just a term. It does not involve any sexual contact, at least in the usual sense for many people. You do not have to change anyone, but to experience the highest bliss, spreading waves on each cell – it is possible. And all thanks to those techniques that are actively used by charming employees. They will spend a real erotic massage without sex, but the emotions of it will not be less, but rather more than sexual intercourse. And all thanks to simple, but effective methods.

Is a contrast of sensations

Playing cold and warm temperatures is a common technique in eromassage. Ice cubes, melting wax, warm wool fabrics are usually used for this purpose. A lot of options. The skillful alternation of hot and icy excites the receptors, makes the body react-and sometimes in a very unexpected way.

Rhythm change

In a professional environment, this technique is also called the “quickdraw technique”. Everything is simple: first, the massage is performed in a slow, warm-up pace, to which the client is accustomed. And then a small delay on time is made, and at the moment when the man expects nothing and prepares for further relaxation. The pace is disrupted, which creates additional intrigue and gives a thrill.

The movement of the spiral

Why is this the name of erotic massage? Because it necessarily involves the impact on the intimate areas of a person, in particular – the male penis and groin. But that’s just not immediately, but gradually. A professional masseuse starts from the chest, in a spiral, slowly and sensually, moving to the erogenous zones. This gets and helps to free herself sandwiched libido.

Eromassazh – an incredible procedure, uplifting to the top of an unknown mountain of bliss. It brings even more intense and emotionally filled sensations than sex, but it does not require direct intimate contact. Perhaps that is why such a massage is so popular and loved by the residents of St. Petersburg-a metropolis, sinking in the ocean of daily rush.

Come to the “Mask” to experience the true bliss, poured on top of the relaxation sauce and seasoned with erotic spices.

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