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Tantric massage and everything about him you need to know

If you want to experience some new, quite incomparable, bright, unusual (in General, the epithets are endless) feeling, then visit the tantric massage! Most of our clients, having experienced it at least once, come back again and again. And all because of the stunning procedure as for sensuality, and diversity of emotions. And it never repeats itself! Each time a new discovery and a new surprise.

Where for sale incredible fun? In St. Petersburg, on Nevsky prospect, 51. It is in this historical place is always wide open doors for you. Come to salon of erotic massage “Mask” – and you will experience that flips the world, and with the head covers the bliss.

What is tantric massage

Generally, the authors insist that this is not an erotic massage. Although, very similar, and causes about the same feeling, but! Here’s another philosophical component. Adherents of tantric techniques believe that any erogenous zones a person has no and can not be simply because entire body, literally every cell is able to experience pleasure, and therefore, erogenous. They say: “Fun is born not from touch, and from the condition in which there is a man or a woman.” It arises in the heart, not the genitals. Consequently, intimate massage is not the excitation of the individual sections, and the game with the whole body.

Now a few words about energy. In tantric massage this aspect is paramount. Again, it is believed that during close bodily contact, the exchange of feminine and masculine energy, and mutually beneficial for both partners. That is why the procedure should be as open and Frank. Often couples she is used as a prelude to the sexual act, and incredibly nice. But in our showroom, nothing like this happens.

What benefits brings tantric massage

In principle, everything is clear. Saint Petersburg, a metropolis is like a huge spider. Here he sits and slowly drains all life force from their victims – the people hurrying on forever in the frantic pace of city life. To restore energy will just tantric massage, which did not seem erotic, but the same pleasant. You will receive:

  • Real bliss, which many have heard a hundred times, but hardly ever experienced. Even if you believe that everything in the world felt, you can order this service and will open another face of life.
  • Complete relaxation. Not something that you feel at home on the couch or on the countryside recreation. No, it is utter detachment from reality and dive into the multifaceted inner world.
  • Recovery of energy. If you feel completely devastated and do not want to go further, then tantric massage is exactly what you need. It returns not only the strength but also the ability to see life in positive colors and enjoy them.

So much more to say about the virtues of tantric massage for men. But we believe that it is better to come once to check how truthful our words are. Guarantee: you’ll be surprised at how grateful could react the body of true concern about it.

In addition, the atmosphere of the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask” will set the right mood. We quietly flows the beautiful music, the soft Shine of the lamp. And most importantly: masseuse with soft, sensitive hands work miracles. Come and you will discover a new life and more fun!