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Thai body massage: unlock the potential of their body

If you want to relax and experience the feelings which will carry to the top of sensual pleasure, be sure to try the Thai body massage. As the name implies, the procedure is designed for the whole body, and there will be no one, even the most secluded place in which not pass skillful hands of our employees. In the men’s Spa and salon “Mask”, located in the heart of St. Petersburg, on Nevsky Prospekt, you will experience an incredible erotic adventure and realize how affectionate, gentle and relaxing can be touching. Come and you will discover all the sensuality of my own body, after all, the Thai body massage it is calculated!

What kind of massage, and who invented it

Of course, the birthplace of this technique became Thailand is a country known for its reverent attitude to the erotic side of human relationships. Coming from hot edges, Thai body massage made a splash in St. Petersburg, leaving our city a part of the southern sun. Many men at least once ordering the service, now regularly go to the reception. It’s so cool: to feel the warmth and tenderness unusual intimate massage, stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

How is it done? Since we are talking about Thailand, we cannot ignore the philosophical aspects of the procedure. The main task of erotic massage is to make all life energy is evenly spread on the body, to cover every muscle, to fill all squares without missing any. To achieve this, the masseuse uses special techniques. You will not feel the usual spanking, kneading and stroking. But feel something entirely new and bright.

Thai body massage is one of the main “working tools” are the thumbs of the hands. There is a belief that it is on their tips is a kind of gateway through which energy is easily transferred throughout the body. Plus, the fingertips are sensitive, light and delicate, and their touch bring unprecedented pleasure. In addition, your body will walk the palm, chest and even the lips of the masseuse. This is an erotic procedure, so there is very close contact, but no sex.

a Special state during Thai massage

Actually, there are a huge number of various erotic massage techniques, but for some reason Thai has acquired so widespread and almost legendary. Why? Because in addition to the tender and pretty straightforward touch, it also implies other nice moments:

  • Soft, soothing music. It is an integral part of a Thai body massage that helps to tune in and get maximum relax;
  • Close bodily contact. Thais believe that only in very close interaction and energy exchange, beneficial to both partners;
  • Emancipation masseuses. The most important condition that the girl was free and not shy, then you and she will experience an incredible pleasure;
  • include all erogenous zones. This is a mandatory condition without which there will be no higher pleasure. That is why no part of the body will not remain without attention.

In short, you will experience minutes of such bliss is impossible to describe. About it even to talk will not work, because there is no language of such concepts and definitions. We simply invite to a Spa “Mask” in the historical center of Saint-Petersburg one of the most beautiful, delicate and unforgettable massage techniques. We are sure that you don’t just like it, and want to experience these feelings again and again and again. Well our doors on Nevsky always wide open for you.