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Erotic massage and sex: how thin is the connection

It would Seem that the question “how is eromassage related to sex?”has an obvious answer. Erotic massage itself comes from sex, many perceive it as a kind of prelude to subsequent love joys. That’s just such procedures is quite a different philosophy. They are aimed at the exchange of energy, relaxation, obtaining sensual pleasure without sexual intercourse.< /p>

Of course, the connection with sexual relations here is clearly traced, but it is much more subtle than it may seem at first glance. To understand this, and even better, to feel on your own body, come to St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. Charming girls will open for you all charm of erotic massage and will bring to the highest degree of pleasure. There is no, sex not will, but will appear sensations much more vivid and unusual! We guarantee this and are waiting for you in the Spa on Nevsky!

Well, while you’re going, let’s still talk about the relationship between sex and erotic massage.

Erotic massage: sensual foreplay and useful procedure

In general, erotic massage has many techniques and incarnations, it is diverse and diverse. This is a huge layer of sexual culture, which can be studied for years. And still there is no guarantee that you will be able to know all its sides. If in the salon you will be offered only erotic massage without intimacy, then at home you can make sensual pleasure more complete and bring to its logical conclusion. After all, the games of a loving couple can not prevent anyone and nothing. If only there was a mutual desire!

Amazing (and maybe not!), but men and women are erotic massage in different ways. Here are just a few differences in the perception of this wonderful procedure by different sexes:

  • girls believe that foreplay in the form of such a pleasant bonus should take about one-third of the entire duration of the love game, men want to move as quickly as possible to the most important thing;
  • girls erotic massage brings only pleasure and sexual discharge, while men it is useful in medical terms: prostate massage is a good prevention of diseases of this delicate organ;
  • erotic massage equally excites both men and girls, but the weaker sex likes more gentle touches, while the stronger prefers more assertive, stronger.

Not to say that erotic massage exists by itself, and sexual relations-a completely different story. No, on the contrary, they are often interrelated, especially when it comes to sensual pleasure within the framework of a love relationship of one couple. Of course, professional procedures do not involve any intimate relationships, but they also bring pleasure and enjoyment, and this is very important if you need to relieve stress and just enjoy the gentle, affectionate touches.

We are waiting for you in the Spa “Mask”! It is here that dreams turn into reality, revealing such facets of sensual pleasure, which you did not even suspect. We are waiting for you on Nevsky Prospekt around the clock!