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Special offers and discounts on a massage

There are several special offers in our SPA that are available now:

“GIFT FOR RECORDING” special offer

From 01.08.2021 till 31.08.2021 when writing through an online consultant, or by phone, we give a gift of your choice!

+ 30 minutes to the program

500 R discount!

Do you have a birthday?

After all, we give a 20% discount in honor of your holiday! The promotion is valid on the day and 2 days after the celebration!

Invite your friends…

…and our SPA will offer you a guaranteed discount for a massage!

“FORBIDDEN FRUIT” special offer

From 01.08.2021 till 31.08.2021 by ordering “Egoistic Girl!” for 90 minutes you will be offered a special gift addition “Forbidden fruit”!

“LESBIAN SHOW” special offer

By ordering a massage in four hands for more than 90 minutes, we will grant you with “Lesbian show”

“A SWEET TOUCH” special offer

Our dear men!
Due to numerous requests, we decided to organise one more special offer!
From 01.08.2021 till 31.08.2021 by ordering the program “Clandestine meeting”, we will grant you with an additional gift “A sweet touch”!!!

“HAPPY HOURS” special offer

From 10:00 till 14:00 a 30 -minute massage + taking a shower with a girl will cost only2500 rub!


Presently, we carry out delivery of gift certificates within the city borders.

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