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What is foot massage and how it helps in relationships

Eastern wisdom is a very delicate matter. Perhaps even thinner than the East itself. It’s amazing how there are kind and attentive to the intima and the knowledge of the boundaries of sensuality of the human body. It was Asia that gave us a lot of magical techniques, not only exciting, but also delivering unearthly pleasure.

One of these is foot massage. It would seem, what here erotic and, especially, sexual? However, in fact, one has only to master this technique, or at least once to experience, ordering a session in St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”, opening the door on Nevsky Prospekt – and you will immediately understand everything. After all, one of the most sensitive areas of our body is the foot.

What is it and why is it worth trying

So, to begin with, most people simply have no idea what erogenous zones their bodies have. Traditionally, it is believed that the most sensitive areas are the genitals, but in reality everything is much more interesting.

People of the East by their nature are thoughtful and attentive, not afraid of experiments and inquisitive, real researchers seeking to know everything in the world. And here, they discovered that the human foot is one of the major erogenous zones, with proper stimulation gives incredible sensations.

Why is that?

The foot is designed for walking, and above all, barefoot. Shoes – only the invention of civilization, but by nature, man must step on the naked skin. Of course, he needs to feel what he’s walking on. That is why in the foot there is a huge number of nerve endings and receptors that actively respond to the slightest irritation. If they are properly stimulated, you can cause a magical feeling.

It is difficult to say when people discovered the described features of their legs, but it was in the East there were amazing procedures that concubines performed for their masters. It was believed that owning such an art, a woman can easily:

  • seduce any man she likes;
  • bring the guy to orgasm without even touching the genitals;
  • to revive the former passion and return harmony to the relationship;
  • forever to seize the lover’s heart;

Previously, only representatives of the strong half of humanity could experience incredible sensations. In the harems of many wives that was achieved his championship – flexing and massaging the feet of the masters. However, today the world has changed, and order a magical procedure can any woman. Moreover, it is easier to reach the top of pleasure for girls whose skin is more sensitive than for guys.

Massage full of pleasure and enjoyment

Foot massage is without a doubt one of the best types of erotic massage. It excites, gets, makes you experience feelings and emotions that you have never experienced before. The technique involves gentle kneading and rubbing of the skin, active influence, playing with temperatures. In addition, it can easily become a great alternative to bored to preliminary caresses of two lovers.

There is another argument for such an erotic massage without sex: an excellent effect on health. It is scientifically proven that there are more than 70 000 nerve endings in the foot, which are connected with our internal organs. Properly acting on them, you can improve blood flow, establish metabolism, stimulate the work of the corresponding functional system. This is a good therapy that brings pleasure and restores the human body.

It’s time to take up your legs – and discover new facets of sensuality!

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