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Sexuality in erotic massage

Erotic massage is an opportunity to feel something new and discover other facets of sensual physical relationships. The contact of bodies, tenderness, unusual sensations-all this is hidden in a pleasant procedure. But not only that. Sexuality is an integral part of eromassage. And since it differs between men and women, today we will try to deal with this issue.

So, women, as you know, love with their ears, and men-with their skin. Therefore, in erotic massage, different stimuli are triggered for them. Many girls are interested in a pleasant, inviting environment, light music. For men, everything looks different: they come, first of all, for sensations. Let’s see what other differences there are in the sexual receptivity of both.

Attitudes to sex in men and women

So let’s start with simple, seemingly obvious facts. Women need foreplay, they give it most of the time of the intimate act. Men are more hasty and assertive in their behavior. Therefore, more often and intimate massage is chosen active, sometimes even hard.

Here are some other significant differences.

  • Men evaluate the woman they like faster. To understand that this girl attracts him, including sexually, the guy needs only 3 seconds. A woman is more patient: she defines her man in 8-10 seconds.
  • Most women would like to find one partner for life, this is a certain intimacy of relationships, secrecy. Of course, it is not so easy for them to come to an erotic massage. Men are much more open and bold about this issue.
  • Women are very excited by light, almost weightless touches. For them, the massage is carried out as gentle as possible, unhurried. Men are more used to sharp, strong movements. They often choose more explicit and rough procedures.
  • Finally, as experts say, most people have sex directly in their heads. Therefore, only from one touch they can experience a real orgasm. This applies, by the way, to both men and women.

Any erotic massage is an opportunity to discover your sensuality, try new sensations. This is probably why many people like these procedures. If you want to try it, just come to the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask” and appreciate all the possibilities of this unusual massage!

We Invite you to our Spa and guarantee unreal waves of pleasure! Come and enjoy!

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