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Take part in our win-win lottery!

The best erotic massage salon “Mask” invites its guests to try their luck and get the most out of the sensations after visiting an erotic massage.

It has never happened before that your chances of winning are always 100%.

Everything is very simple:

1)Leave your phone number , where you will receive an SMS about winning. This message will need to be shown to the administrator when visiting our spa.

2) Spin the wheel of fortune and receive your free gift for the selected spa program.

In addition to additions and gifts, our wheel contains a “Big Jackpot” compartment.

Based on your wishes, we have included in it:

  • regular guest discount card;
  • a 35% discount to any selected relaxation program;
  • the most beloved and desired addition “Lingam massage” to a massage for men.

Guests of the erotic massage salon!

Please note that any winnings from our lottery can be used when visiting a massage session during the day.

You can also pre-register for a spa procedure at the administrator for any day convenient for you.

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