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What can be a modern massage

No one will refuse erotic massage. Even if at first it is inconvenient, awkward and shameful to decide on such a Frank procedure, interest still wins. And once tried, few people do not want to go back to repeat or order something completely different, giving a truly incredible feeling. But modern salon offer not only erotic massage. And what else?

There are many varieties of massage techniques. And in almost every one of them there are also internal divisions, some specializations. After all, even erotic massage involves many subspecies. For example, Thai, tantric, akvagelevy, akvapennyy, etc. Come to the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask” – and see for yourself how diverse can be eromassazh! In the meantime, let’s talk about other procedures.

European and Oriental Massages

the largest and perhaps the most traditional division of massage techniques – Eastern and European. They are fundamentally different from each other in terms of goals, features of procedures, even the philosophical component. European massage is more aimed at the treatment or prevention of diseases of internal organs and systems. It is based on standard techniques that affect mainly the skin and muscles. If I may say so, these are more physiological procedures.

And the East, as we know from everyone’s favorite movie, is a delicate matter. If in Europe for a long time they sang of the body and painted it in pictures, then at the opposite end of the world and the interests were opposite: there they thought about the soul. And since the spiritual and the physical are inseparable, any procedure that gives physical pleasure was justified from a philosophical point of view. Here the procedures were performed with the influence on the spiritually active points of the body. It was believed that this effect is not only on the whole body as a whole, but also on the mental state of a person.

What are the types of massage

In addition to the division of massage techniques in two large areas, experts also offer a classification by type. It is quite clear and familiar to modern man:

  • Therapeutic or medical massage
  • Is part of the complex therapy for various diseases and is prescribed by a doctor as one of the stages of treatment, and as a preventive measure.

  • Sports massage
  • Athletes are people who lead a particularly active lifestyle. Their muscles should be elastic, as plastic and mobile as possible. Special massages help to achieve success, as well as tone or, conversely, calm the body.

  • Classic or hygienic massage
  • Such procedures are carried out to relax, achieve complete relaxation, productive rest. Do not assume any strong effects, but simply strengthen the overall health of the person.

Today there are so many different methods that you can easily choose the one that will not only like it, but also bring the desired feeling of freedom, relaxation. Well, if you want to experience the action of a professional intimate massage, then come to our Spa. We guarantee that you will definitely like new sensations!

Massage Itself is a very interesting and unusual procedure, no matter what kind it is. Try, order different techniques – and get an unforgettable experience!