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How does eromassage affect all five human senses

Erotic massage is, without a doubt, a very pleasant procedure. It is both relaxing and exciting. It gives you an unusual feeling and just helps you easily endure the stressful conditions of life in a big city. But the most pleasant thing about eromassage is that any technique has an equally useful effect on all human senses, making you experience a real adventure. This is noted by almost all customers who have ordered such a service at least once.

Don’t believe me? Well, erotic massage is not something that you need to constantly talk about and advertise. Just come to the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”, and see for yourself. Sensual touches will give you a relaxation that you never even dreamed of. Quiet, pleasant music will delight the ear, and light aromas of special oils will cause fabulous associations. Come – and you will understand that pleasure can be felt by all the senses!

The erotic massage and touch

of Course, first of all erotic massage physically affects the human body. Thanks to the skillful touch of girls, you seem to rediscover yourself. Believe me, the body can respond very vividly and sensually to the right caresses! The discovery of new erogenous zones, fantastic sensations, and heavenly bliss are guaranteed. Your sense of touch will show its new facets, and it will be really wonderful!

Eromassage and vision

As a rule, many clients spend the entire session with their eyes closed. Too much pleasure, and I want to give myself to him completely, not noticing anything around. However, in our Spa, everything is thought out so that your vision is also happy. Pleasant surroundings, soft, pastel colors, slightly muted light-everything sets up a beautiful erotic adventure.

Eromassage and hearing

So now we get to the rumor. It should also be enjoyed if you come to the right session of erotic massage without intimacy. To do this, we include very beautiful, atmospheric music that fully sets up for the upcoming relaxation. No harsh sounds or percussion instruments, everything is melodic and romantic. You will completely relax and immerse yourself in the ocean of bliss that opens up with the theme music.

Eromassage and sense of smell

Smells in this kind of relaxation are also incredibly important. First, they should evoke certain feelings and excite the mind. Secondly, when a person experiences a pleasant aroma, he experiences no less pleasant sensations. To achieve maximum comfort, almost all intimate massage procedures use special aroma oils. Believe me, you will love their smells!

Eromassage and taste

And finally, the taste buds. How are things with them? It’s a little more complicated. Girls will touch you, including, and languages. They will taste your skin, but you-as you want. You can add treats to make the massage more intimate. And if you order a steam procedure or want to learn this pleasant art together with your other half, then you will also get a taste! After all, with such forms of interaction, touching each other with your lips is not forbidden at all!

In a word, erotic massage is a procedure that excites absolutely all the senses, adding bright colors to life! Come to the Spa “Mask” to feel it!

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