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A completely unique program for couples, which allows not only to get pleasure and be filled with energy, but also to acquire new knowledge in the field of sexual relationships between partners.

The session is aimed at teaching erotic art that will help strengthen the bond between partners and awaken sexual attraction to each other.

At our MASK spa, couples massage is an overwhelming success. Indeed, it retains a fine line between the classical part and eroticism, which allows both partners to experience pleasure without feeling jealous.

The maid will show all the erotic massage techniques to partners, then she will guide and correct you on the path to pleasure.

You will become more sensitive and caring in relation to your soulmate, you will be able to learn something new about each other’s interests.

MASK-SPA recommends joint sessions because:

  • You share pleasant and exciting emotions with your loved one.
  • For the selected time, you can experience services from different masters.
  • Various techniques and a wide range of supplements promote total relaxation.
  • These treatments help rekindle passion and desire for each other.
  • Atmospheric music and aroma candles will create a romantic atmosphere for you.

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The additions we added to Maid:

  • Lingam massage is a special technique for massaging intimate areas, it accelerates blood circulation and gives vivid sensations during relaxation.
  • Sakura branch is a technique of alternating hot and cold breaths that enhances tactile sensations for maximum relaxation.
  • Peep show – this element makes a man reach the peak point of arousal. Looking into your eyes, the masseuse will smoothly run her hands over her velvety skin, squeeze her breasts and touch her most tender and erogenous places.
  • The French kiss is an imitation of oral caresses, during which the masseuse, with her gentle touches, will allow you to disconnect from reality for a short time and forget yourself in a sense of bliss.
  • + BDSM elements at will.

Do you want to please your soul mate and give an interesting gift?

MASK-SPA studio offers a gift certificate, which will be a great present for any holidays, especially: February 14 and 23, March 8 and birthday.

Service cost:

  • 90 minutes 14 000 rubles.<

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