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The MASK spa salon invites guests to experience all the charm of oriental erotic massage techniques.

Эфирные масла во все времена считаются лучшим средством для полного расслабления человека на сеансе массажа.

Essential oils at all times are considered the best way to completely relax a person during a massage session:

  • natural essential oils penetrate deep into skin cells and regenerate them
  • hot fruits warm up and tone the muscles
  • aromatherapy relieves irritation and fatigue after a hard day
  • this technique helps to feel your body, to relax

Depending on the gender of the guest who visited the MASKA establishment, an emphasis is placed on certain areas of the body:

  • in women, breasts , inner thighs, intimate zone
  • in men, the study goes to the genital area , because it is believed that there are energy points

And the imitation of classic sex and imitation of oral sex included in the session of erotic massage will bring the brightest orgasms.

Our salon does not provide intimate services!

Why do men prefer to rest with girls from MASKA-SPA salon:

  • a large selection of masseuses for every taste
  • professionally trained staff
  • beautiful interiors in Venetian style
  • varied list of services
  • the best location in the very center of St. Petersburg
  • special offers for each guest

The intriguing conclusion of this event will be “ whisper of the wind ”.

More details

Service cost:

  • 60 minutes 12,000 rubles.
  • 90 minutes 15,000 rubles.

If you want to pleasantly surprise your beloved, then in the spa menu you will find an excellent program of erotic massage for women “ Venetian Lady ”.

And for those who like to make extraordinary gifts for important events, MASKA spa salon has prepared GIFT CERTIFICATES .

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