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The erotic massage salon MASKA-SPA invites its guests to plunge into the world where you can forget yourself in bliss and enjoy the company of two charming beauties.

No man will remain indifferent when in front of him two girls caress and excite each other. At the same time, they will closely observe the guest and provoke a desire to join this action. After numerous explicit scenes develop into ecstasy, visual arousal develops into a tactile one.

Gentle and smooth movements of the girl will massage and awaken the most erogenous points on the man’s body. Each touch will excite and drive you crazy with pleasure.

And the imitation of classic sex and imitation of oral sex, where the boundaries between reality and imagination are completely erased, can bring you to the peak of relaxation.

MASKA spa salon is located in the center of St. Petersburg, at 51 Nevsky Prospect.

We work around the clock.


Our salon does not provide intimate services!

The masters of the MASKA-SPA salon create an enchanting atmosphere for guests:

  • You will have a feeling of satisfaction and renewal
  • Two cute girls will please you with their sensual movements
  • The service lasts from 60 minutes, which helps to fully experience the entire spectrum of pleasure
  • Live screening gives you the opportunity to choose two girls who will work at the same time, or you can order a male massage therapist.

Studio MASKA-SPA provides an opportunity to order a car in any of the mobile services taxi services, and we will pay for your trip within the ring road.


Depending on the gender of the guest who visited the MASKA establishment, an emphasis is placed on certain areas of the body:

  • in women, breasts , inner thighs, intimate zone
  • in men, the study goes to the genital area , because it is believed that there are energy points

And for those who like to make extraordinary gifts for important events, MASKA spa salon has prepared GIFT CERTIFICATES .

Service cost 60 minutes:

  • with two girls 15,000 rubles
  • This site may contain adult content.

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