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The MASKA spa salon knows what is needed for a full-fledged men’s holiday. After all, it is not only the massage technique that is important, but the visual and tactile pleasure during the process. A real man wants to receive all possible aspects of pleasure, so this session is longer than usual.

We have included in this event the most popular and desired additions .

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Why erotic massage salon Mask recommends the Columbine program:

  • With the help of a live show, you choose a master who will professionally relieve all the tension in your body and help you realize the most exciting erotic fantasies.
  • The program starts with a private dance. A girl in the twilight will dance sexually for you, drive you crazy with her alluring movements and body curves.
  • You can undress the masseuse yourself or watch it from the sidelines, which can be more mesmerizing and captivating.
  • Joint aqua treatments take place in the jacuzzi before, after, during the session. And at this time, the girl makes you an aqua-foam massage, which allows you to get maximum pleasure from the process.
  • For complete relaxation, the classical massage technique will first be performed, which will allow the muscles to relax and accelerate blood circulation in the body.
  • In the process of performing the erotic massage technique, it is possible to experience an unlimited number of relaxations.
  • The massage master will perform imitation of classical and imitation of oral sex, which will awaken every erogenous point of your body.
  • Before applying the oil, you will experience our most popular additions such as cherry blossom branch and lingam massage.
  • During the program, you will be able to tactilely enjoy the girl’s velvety and fragrant skin, touch and squeeze her firm breasts, touch intimate places.
  • And the best ending of the event will be the “Fountain” service.

The MASKA spa salon is located in the center of St. Petersburg, at 51 Nevsky Prospect.

We work around the clock.

You will be interested in this session if you:

  • Do you like a long session of erotic massage, which includes the most interesting and popular services.
  • You like gradual and increasing excitement. When every cell of your body begins to go crazy with excitement, thoughts get confused and only a feeling of bliss overwhelms you.
  • There is a lack of vivid emotions and complete relaxation during a hard working week.
  • I would like to get a massage that not only tones up and strengthens the body, but also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and emotional state.
  • Have not tried the techniques of imitation of classic sex and imitation of oral sex.

Service cost:

  • 120 min with one girl 18 000 rubles.
  • 120 min with two girls 26 000 rubles.

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