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You will remember this meeting forever. Every cell in the body doesn’t want this to end. After all, the program will accurately convey all the mystery of the East that will occur in the process. From the first minute, goose bumps will run through your body from pleasure, which in the future will develop into bright excitement.

How does the “secret meeting” go in the erotic massage salon in the very center of St. Petersburg:

  • An atmosphere of bliss will await you in the room. Created by the fragrant scents of oils and subdued light, which will intriguingly illuminate the girl’s toned breasts and chic thighs.
  • While taking a shower together, the masseuse will gently walk all over the body with a foamy sponge, playfully touching it with her flawless shapes. She will not forget about the erogenous zones on the skin of a man, giving them especially passionate touches.
  • And the ancient techniques of performing the “sakura branch” will make you forget about the passage of time, help awaken male sexual energy and relieve tension in the whole body.
  • A charming girl will perform the classical massage technique that gradually develops into an erotic part. Using his entire body, the master will allow you to experience new facets of pleasure.
  • An imitation of oral sex will also be a striking addition, illusion and reality will cease to be distinguishable and merge into one stream of bliss.
  • And in the best oriental traditions, you will be offered to enjoy hot tea. This will help you get out of the state of nirvana and with renewed vigor break into your usual life.

For this program, MASKA offers its guests a pleasant and intriguing gift, for more information, see the section PROMOTIONS.

Why do men prefer to rest with girls from MASKA-SPA salon:

  • a large selection of masseuses for every taste
  • professionally trained staff
  • beautiful interiors in Venetian style
  • varied list of services
  • the best location in the very center of St. Petersburg
  • special offers for each guest

Our salon does not provide intimate services!

Depending on the gender of the guest who visited the MASKA establishment, an emphasis is placed on certain areas of the body:

  • in women, breasts , inner thighs, intimate zone
  • in men, the study goes to the genital area , because it is believed that there are energy points

Service cost:

  • 60 minutes 6 000 rubles.
  • 90 minutes 7 500 rubles.

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