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A few simple rules of erotic massage

Pleasant bliss, shivering body and forcing every cell to experience unearthly bliss.

The feeling of fullness of being, the discovery of new feelings to which man is capable, the pleasure from which you almost fall into Nirvana.

All this is a quality erotic massage. Executed with skill, it will take you beyond the sensuality and give the brightest impressions. We invite you to the Spa for men “Mask”, which is hidden in the heart of St. Petersburg: on Nevsky Prospekt, 52. Our girls are able to deliver incredible pleasure. And all because they adhere to simple but mandatory rules.

Rules without which erotic massage is impossible

It is extremely wrong to Treat erotic massage as a procedure that is a prelude to a sexual act. This is a full-fledged relaxing technique, which in itself brings unearthly pleasure and does not require any intimate extensions. Your body opens towards caresses, showing your own, yet hidden, potential that you could not previously reveal.

However, for this to happen as it should is important to respect some rules. After all, no procedure, including erotic massage without sex, can not take place without any specific requirements for the correctness of its implementation.

Today we will talk about some of them.

Air Temperature

The most important condition to help you relax and create a comfortable environment is the correct temperature conditions of the room. To the client as much as possible trusted and tuned to receive the most pleasant emotions, he should feel relaxed and good. Warm air, but in any case not hot, helps this. Moreover, all kinds of intimate massage require full exposure, so the room must be warm and cozy.

Massage oil

You can not do without it: it lubricates the skin, increases sensitivity, while making the touch more gentle and pleasant. Our girls do not reveal their secrets, as they pick up the perfect liquid for each client, but some secrets can still be told. Basic requirements for massage oil:

  • the lack of a sharp, noticeable smell, because the procedure was supposed to relax you, without causing any discomfort;
  • it is better to choose the exciting flavors (patchouli, ylang-ylang, sandal), which help to achieve the desired effect of massage;
  • the substance must be warm, close to body temperature (for this it can be kept in hot water for some time).

Oil is one of the main components of a pleasant, relaxing procedure. No traditional or modern technology can not do without it, so it is important to choose the right one. Employee “Mask” always focused on the client, offering the perfect option.

Come to visit our Spa and you will plunge into another world where the bliss rules! Our charming employees do only the right erotic massage, revealing to each of you in full all the charm of such procedures. Come and see for yourself!