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Erotic massage, diverse and exciting

Many people, saying “erotic massage”, often mean just one of the kinds of preludes before a sexual act, which is not quite true. In fact, the ancient technique originated in the East and, in addition to sensual arousal, helping to achieve other goals.

For example, by stimulating certain areas of the male body, the girls brought the loved one to a state of Supreme bliss. Or by means of the correct point influence prevented development of various diseases of a sexual sphere. Now it is already proved that as a part of complex therapy some types of erotic massage without intimacy help to solve problems of reproductive system and to restore libido both at men, and at women.

Why it is so loved, or the uniqueness of intimate massage

Any technique of erotic massage involves the impact on the erogenous zones, and not always is it sexual organs. Surprisingly, most people do not know how their body can react to the gentle, light, right touch. Therefore, for the first time having experienced an incredibly pleasant and strong feeling, they leave the procedure stunned, shocked to the core.

It is for the ability to awaken the hidden erogenous zones, to cause real pleasure without sexual intercourse, to give birth to true excitement modern people living in a constant state of stress, fell in love with erotic massage. This is a real opportunity to relax as much as possible, get rid of all problems, forget about the pressure from the outside. Plus, the correctly carried out procedure, with observance of all rules and centuries-old, fulfilled technicians, really, prevents possible problems with sexual and reproductive functions.

Common techniques

Come to the Spa for men “Mask”, and here you will be offered a wide range of different techniques that help to reveal the potential of your own body and leading to the top of sensual bliss. Here are the most popular and time-tested.

Thai body massage

One of those procedures which surely need to be tried by men and women at least once in life. Almost a classic of erotic massage that causes an incredible response from the human body.


This type of intimate massage pays the Main attention to male and female genitals. Coming from India, it is necessarily accompanied by close bodily contacts, fragrance of exciting flavors and the use of oils.


A relatively young technique, originating from the more ancient, when the procedure was carried out directly in warm water. Today, the use of still and suds, gently and pleasantly caresses the skin.

At a modern variety of types of intimate massage, each person can choose the most pleasant, having previously tried everything possible. Any technique perfectly relieves stress, helps to relax completely, gives various, bright and unique scale of feelings and emotions. In a frenzied rhythm of urban life, requiring immediate solutions to hundreds of problems, such relaxation is necessary. He will return harmony to the family, revive the former passion, and just help to abandon all the worries of a rapidly changing world.