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What is the secret pleasure of erotic massage

Agree, sexual pleasure, passionate nights spent in each other’s arms – a necessary part of a normal adult relationship, only strengthens the Union of men and women. But, unfortunately, the frantic pace of modern life, especially noticeable in Metropolitan areas such as St. Petersburg, does not contribute to romance.

Erotic massage in the big city

People get tired of the constant stress of big cities. They lose interest in each other and, eventually, sexual relations practically stop. Women feel dissatisfaction, men-irritation, and in General, the family collapses under the pressure of mutual disappointment. The solution is, and it is very pleasant: erotic massage without sex. This procedure does not involve any sexual contact, but so kindles passion and returns the libido that the couple begins the second “honeymoon”. Want to check?

We Invite you to the St. Petersburg men’s Spa “Mask”, which is located on Nevsky Prospekt. Your boyfriend or husband will relax, get unearthly pleasure and, we guarantee, will bring you true bliss! Here’s why.

Pleasant moments of erotic massage

Erotic massage was originally invented to deliver maximum pleasure, but not to turn into sexual intercourse. That is why, crossing the threshold of our Spa, forget about the complexes. Charming girls are well aware of their work in the rooms pouring dim lights and pleasant music. Exciting aromas, the right touch and a large selection of massage techniques only enhance the pleasure.

Here are the basic facts you need to know about the upcoming procedure. Especially if it’s your first time.

  • Girls working Nude
  • Piquant procedure involves the most close contact between the client and the masseuse. That is why not only the man himself is exposed, but also the girl. This is an additional exciting factor that gives the event more spectacular. However, it is forbidden to touch the masseuses: only the girl is active here, and the client remains in a passive position, enjoying the procedure.

  • Not only hands work
  • If the usual massage is carried out only by the hands of a specialist, then everything is much more interesting in erotic. Girls will touch not only fingers, but also feet, Breasts, and in General, any part of the body depending on the procedure chosen by the client. It is not only exciting, but also unusual. A man experiences new sensations, emotions, and then more than gives them to his beloved woman.

  • Unlocking the potential of your body
  • The peculiarity of erotic massage is that it helps to understand your body, to feel it differently, to experience new sensations. Many guys do not even imagine what erogenous zones they have, and do not know their own potential. We are sure that after visiting our Spa for men, your loved one will change, become more passionate and gentle, start to feel differently!

Want to discover new facets of intimate relationships? Discover the beauty of professional erotic massage!

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