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Erotic massage-source of happiness

Few people will argue with the statement that erotic massage hides the source of real bliss and happiness. It not only gives relaxation and makes you completely abandon depressing thoughts, but also brings incredible pleasure.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself: it is as if a person is discovering himself anew, getting acquainted with completely unique, unusual, and for many even magical reactions of his own body. What is happening, and why is there such power hidden in eromassage? Today we will answer this question.

Well, if you like to experiment and want to test the amazing effect of this procedure on yourself, then come to the St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask”, which is waiting for you in the heart of the Northern capital, on Nevsky Prospekt. This is where the doors open to the magical world of sensual pleasure available to everyone. Just be warned: these procedures, filled with real bliss, are addictive! You will absolutely want to come again and again to discover the new possibilities of your body.

what is the amazing power of eromassage

Erotic massage is undoubtedly an ancient and sacred procedure. There is an assumption that it originally appeared in the countries of the East, and the techniques were entrusted only to specially trained people, namely, monks and priests. True, then the massage was not so Frank, but still brought great pleasure.

Gradually, the art of influencing the human body developed, becoming more and more intimate. Specially trained girls were able to handle their clients so subtly that they brought them to ecstasy with just a touch. What was the magic power of intimate massage? Now it is difficult to answer, but we can assume that:

  • during the influence of the masseuse, erogenous zones are touched, which even the person himself does not know, which gives a special feeling;
  • when such manipulations are performed with the body, the endocrine system turns on, releasing a huge amount of endorphin-the hormone of happiness;
  • with direct exposure to different receptors, blood flow improves, organs get more nutrition, and this also becomes an important component of pleasure;
  • professional massage provides the same benefits to our entire body as 8 hours of full sleep, which also has a positive effect on well-being.

It turns out that there is no magic. It’s just that erotic massage techniques, as well as ordinary massage, involve direct impact on different parts of the body, stimulating them. Various systems are activated, blood supply is improved, and all internal processes are accelerated. And this in General gives the most incredible effect that many people experience from massage treatments. It becomes good not only for the body, but also for the soul, because they are inextricably linked with each other.

That is why for good health and feeling a constant surge of strength, you need to regularly come for a massage. Moreover, it is better to choose different techniques and alternate types of procedures. Then not only physical health, but also mental health will become much better. You will feel relaxed, calm down, and discover new sensations. And this is the most important power of massage.

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