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Tantric massage: when the whole body feels light

It so happened that the main Association arising at the mention of the adjective “tantric” – the noun “sex”. The popularization of Eastern teachings and techniques, focusing on their erotic component, did not quite good deal with the perception of ordinary people, a few oposhlil term. Many, having heard the expression “tantric massage”, immediately think about intimate foreplay, although this is completely wrong idea.

To find out exactly all the delights of the procedure, to experience the state of “born again”, to feel the flight of the soul in some magical outland, it is enough at least once to order such a service. Come to St. Petersburg men’s Spa “Mask”, which is conveniently located right in the center of the Northern capital-on Nevsky prospect, 51. Here you will not only plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of the East, but also feel the real relaxation, carrying away to the top of nega.

In the meantime, let’s look at why many people love the tantric massage.

When the body is nice and the soul is easy

Tantric massage does not involve any sexual act – it is important to understand. Rather, it can be a pleasant prelude in the walls of your bedroom, along with a loved one, but in professional salons this procedure is useful for the body and soul, but does not involve too close contacts. And yet, it refers to erotic massage without sex, therefore, does not exclude, and even welcomes a certain impact on the erogenous zones. Excites, wakes libido, causes a surge of passion and desire – this is also about tantric massage.

< h2>Philosophical component< / h2>

For oriental practices, including massage techniques, philosophical background becomes fundamental. Here it is not important simply to receive or give pleasure, the main thing-to connect spiritual and physical, giving pleasure not only to each cell of the body, but also to the soul.

Creating the philosophy of tantric massage (as, in fact, sex), the Eastern sages based on the idea that the human body has no erogenous zones. What excites us is in the brain, in the imagination, in the manifestation of true feelings towards each other. That is why to feel the pleasure of every part of the body, it is important to trust a person, trust him and, of course, to experience love. Tantric massage knows no boundaries and shame. This is one of the first techniques to touch everything, including the most sensitive, easily excitable parts of the body:

  • in-ear shells;
  • areas of the genitals and perineum;
  • feet, inner thigh;
  • area of the sacrum, pelvis and abdomen;
  • female Breasts and nipples;
  • male prostate.

Not surprisingly, this procedure is not only great pleasure, but when executed correctly has a positive effect on health and prevent problems in intimate relationships, help to get the almost orgasmic feeling (and often brighter) without any sexual contact.

Tantric massage is a technique that combines the spiritual impulses of a person and the responses of his physical body to the caressing, right touches. To experience the full range of feelings that gives the magic treatment, come only to professional masseuses and masseurs who know the meaning of each of its actions. We guarantee: in the Spa “Mask” you will experience such sensations and emotions, which even had no idea. And, of course, you want to come to us again and again!

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