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How erotic massage differs from traditional

Many people think unfairly: to carry out massage, and especially erotic, – it is simpler than simple, and everyone will be able to it. It is associated with a beautiful and sensual sexual foreplay, with an exciting game that connects the hearts of lovers … But! In fact, everything is much more refined and not so simple. This erotic massage at the same time and similar, and is very different from the traditional, opening you to the transcendent reactions, which can languish from the pleasure of the body.

Yes, the procedure is teasing, balancing on the edge and turning on. But it is designed not only for this, at least, professional erotic massage without sex, which you can order by visiting a cozy and welcoming Spa “Mask”.

And you will be able to answer immediately and confidently, what is the difference between the two great massage directions – traditional and erotic?

Difference one: sensual pleasure

The most obvious difference is the pleasure you will get. So almost any massage is arranged: it relaxes, makes the body languish from bliss, brings relaxation. However, add a touch of intimacy to the procedure-and the degree of pleasure will increase at times. Touch in the most secret places, caress on the verge of sexual, exciting game-without it any professional eromassazh does not do. Each cell of the body freezes with bliss and is imbued with positive, inspiring energy. Traditional techniques will not give you such a range of sensual pleasure.

Difference second: medical use

Many traditional massage techniques have an important health function. Stretching the” hammered”, stiffened, stiffened in daily tension, muscles, they do not always do without pain and discomfort. Erotic procedures will never bring anything like this, on the contrary – you will get the maximum relaxation, which is only possible. Of course, this is a big plus for health, especially when you consider the rhythm of life in St. Petersburg. But there are other advantages:

  • improvement of blood flow, especially in the pelvic organs;
  • prevention of problems of the male genitourinary system;
  • gain and return libido

In any case, erotic massage, which you will perform a charming employee of the male Spa “Mask”, will give a range of only positive emotions. The mood will improve, and there will be new forces to make victories on all life fronts!

Difference third: open touch

Finally, only a variety of eromassage techniques involve touching all corners of the human body – and, of course, the most intimate ones do not remain without attention. But there is another nice bonus: if in traditional types of working “tool” are only the hands of a professional, the intimate massage involves the use of the whole body. Our beautiful girls are deprived of complexes: we guarantee, you will like it!

If you want to look into another dimension that gives unearthly bliss, come! The doors of the “Mask” are always wide open, so that every man could turn away from worries – and fully relax!