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What are the features of female eromassage

When talking about erotic massage, it usually means that it is about male pleasure. Indeed, the most avid fans of the magic procedure, as a rule, representatives of the strong half of humanity. But this does not mean that girls do not go to eromassage. Of course they do! And today we will tell you about the features of this procedure.

Quiet, pleasant music. Darkened room, impressive cozy atmosphere. An atmosphere that in itself is conducive to relaxation and bliss. Want to experience an amazing female erotic massage? Then you are welcome to the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. It is located almost in the center of the Northern capital-on Nevsky Prospekt. And always hospitably opens the door for you!

Female erotic massage: what is it

The question seems simple. It is clear that women’s erotic massage differs from men’s only in that it is intended for the fair sex. Gentle, full of sensuality procedures will appeal to any girl. They relax, give a lot of pleasure, charge with positive energy. And quite different from male erotic massage.

First of all, it is more difficult for girls to give in to their feelings. They do not have enough touch, they still need to trust the masseur, feel their own security. That’s why real experts in their field talk to clients, trying to win them over as much as possible. Otherwise, the desired effect is simply not achieved.

Feature of physical perception

It is proved that girls have slightly different erogenous zones. It is much easier to excite a man, as well as to bring him to the desired discharge. The girl must first relax, relieve tension, enter a special state when the first waves of pleasure will run through the body. Every good massage therapist knows that women are amazing creatures. Their erogenous zones are divided into three groups:

  • Pseudo-erogenous
  • Zones that even the owner doesn’t know exist. In ordinary life, they simply do not show themselves in any way. But when you begin the erotic massage, and light touch stimulate certain receptors, is real magic. A woman rediscovers herself. Those erogenous zones that have been silent all their lives are revealed. And this is amazing!

  • Wandering
  • Even more amazing than pseudo-erogenous ones. The fact is that such zones are unstable. That is, today touching them aroused and brought to incredible pleasure, and tomorrow-nothing worked. The female body itself is very interesting. Impermanence is one of its main “chips”.

  • Extreme
  • And these are the erogenous zones that are found in the most unexpected places of the female body. For example, on the palms or knees, and some girls-even on the nails. Independently guess that there may be an erogenous zone, it is simply impossible. But a properly conducted erotic massage perfectly lifts the veil of secrecy.

A woman is a real mystery of nature, which can be solved all your life, and still not be fully revealed. But today in St. Petersburg there are wonderful sensual procedures that allow beautiful ladies not only to have a good rest, but also to learn something new about themselves. We invite you to a wonderful intimate massage in the Spa “Mask”, and let the whole world freeze and stop for at least a minute! After all, it’s so magical to plunge into the waves of bliss and drown in them!

For a woman, sensuality is one of the main aspects of life. After all, you can’t be sexy and seductive without feeling this world with every cell of your body. And if you discover yourself, then only with a modern erotic massage that knows no boundaries!

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