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Secrets of enveloping erotic massage

Than erotic massage differs from usual or, especially, medical? It would seem that this question is very simple to answer: this procedure is as close as possible to the intimate, it excites and awakens sensuality in a person, causes a strong libido. However, it is not only that, otherwise it would be quite simple.

Real erotic massage without intimacy envelops. He seemed to immerse himself, makes you feel only the inflows of pleasure-boundless bliss, which is felt by every cell of the body. You will never experience anything like this in a routine or medical procedure. After all, eromassazh, born in the East, is very gentle and multifaceted, and as magical as the magic of the land that invented it. It’s a delicate matter, and it really is.

What is this enveloping effect?

Enveloping effect of massage

So, you lay down on a fairly hard surface, relaxed as much as possible and prepared to teach pleasure. Around pours soft music, smells pleasant incense, and fairy princesses do everything for your enjoyment. It seems that this is a wonderful fantasy come to life, and I do not want it to end.

Many people who first visited the salon of erotic massage and have a vague idea about the services provided here, are very surprised by the therapeutic effect of this amazing procedure. They actually seem to be drifting somewhere in the clouds, experiencing incredible sensations and immersing themselves in their feelings, and it’s magical. This delay, apart from the boring reality lies the enveloping effect of the erotic massage.

If you come across a competent specialist, she will work continuously, not giving a moment to rest. Light strokes, gentle slaps, biting and other touches will give an indescribable range of emotions and sensations – just have time to catch them! The first rule of professional massage-no pause, no procrastination! Only in this way you can achieve maximum immersion in what is happening and deliver to the client unreal sensations.

However, not only the skill of a beautiful girl helps to achieve the necessary and expected fabulous effect. In this difficult case, it helps:

  • specially selected, very quiet and melodious music, often with Eastern roots;
  • special aroma oils, not always exciting, but always with a light, subtle and delicate smell;
  • skills and abilities, professional knowledge that tells you where to start and how best to liberate the client.

The work of a masseuse, especially one who conducts erotic procedures in any techniques, is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Only full openness and absence of various complexes will allow to achieve result and to carry out enveloping massage at the highest level. It is such a girl working at St. Petersburg’s Spa and salon for men “The Mask”! We invite you to our treatments to discover new facets of bliss and just look at sensuality from the other side.

Our salon is open around the clock, so always waiting for a pleasant procedure. And, of course, leave shyness or indecision behind the walls of the “Mask”, because it is here that the new opens-the unknown and magical. Nothing to be ashamed of!