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Nuru massage: pleasure, utility, emotions

Today hardly anyone can surprise erotic massage. Even if this procedure is Eastern, but perfectly executed in the centre of Saint-Petersburg is a cultural city, largely the host of the European tradition. So is art, which has been spoil yourself and your loved ones the inhabitants of the Country of the rising sun, made his way to us? Yes, you can now experience all the delights of wonderful erotic massage, visiting the Spa for men “Mask” on Nevsky prospect, 51. But, first, it would not hurt to learn about the unusual procedure more.

Technique and philosophy, Nuru massage

it is Clear that if Japan, then the technique you will be unusual, and even somewhat sophisticated, incredibly nice and, most importantly, filled with its own sacred meaning. But what else should a resident or guest of St. Petersburg? Itís not about the body always think about the soul too must be taken care of! Japanese erotic massage fully meets these requirements.

So, why are we still talking? Nuru massage is a special technique of close contact in which the client receives not only very sharp, cool and intense, but goes somewhere into the depths of pleasure and relaxation. You are massaging hands, and whole body. Moreover, naked. And, beautiful, gentle and pleasant to the touch.

Attractive masseuse right in front of you will cover every inch of your body with a special substance. You can call it a magic drug, but in fact it is – Nuru-gel with its unique composition, whose recipe is kept secret. The tool transforms skin to a soft, velvety silk. Thanks to it clients and feel the extraordinary, full of pleasure, touch. The girl glides over your body, massaging every nook and corner is completely lying to you.

Now a little about the philosophical component of the procedure. It is known that the Japanese are great sex addicts, they always sought to translate the intimacy of the physical realm into the spiritual, filled him with a special meaning. Hence were born of different techniques, including Nuru massage.

According to Japanese beliefs, the woman is the vessel in which boiling begins and develops life. All her energy is soft, positive, creative, in contrast to the aggressive and destructive men. Of course, the guy, and especially the warrior-the samurai, it is vital from time to time to feed these wonderful forces in order to move on and keep the dust to self-destruction.

Helps to Achieve the desired sexual act when both the man and woman merge together, melting in each other. But it does not imply a complete exchange of energy. Here for this and used Nuru-massage – technique, where close contact is not intimate, but both partners are interacting at a higher level, charging each other with strength.

That you get, or sensations of massage

Like any other, erotic massage no sex gives a complete relaxation, helps to relax and take a break from all the problems of the outside world. You will feel every pore, lose yourself in the abyss of bliss and happiness. And then, when the procedure is over, you will realize that you are ready for anything.

in addition, you will receive:

    the incredible feeling of contact with a beautiful female body;

  • fun, although any actions you do not need;
  • a whole heap of different emotions, but definitely enjoyable;
  • a new experience of erotic massage, which previously you were not.

Come and you will experience one of the most amazing adventure of your life! Guarantee: unforgettable, amazing, fabulous! Unlike many other erotic techniques, Nuru-massage has no health effect, but it is incredibly nice. Come to a Spa “Masque” in the heart of St. Petersburg, and see for yourself!