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Clothes for erotic massage

How girls dress for erotic massage Those who have never attended erotic massage usually have a vague idea about this procedure. Some even confuse it with sexual services, believing that this is only a prelude to a sexual act. Perhaps the basis for such opinions is the uniform of the girls who provide services of […]

16 Jun 2019Posted in: Information

Sexy foot massage

What is foot massage and how it helps in relationships Eastern wisdom is a very delicate matter. Perhaps even thinner than the East itself. It’s amazing how there are kind and attentive to the intima and the knowledge of the boundaries of sensuality of the human body. It was Asia that gave us a lot […]

31 May 2019Posted in: Massage techniques

Music for erotic massage

What music is best for erotic massage Erotic massage – the procedure is certainly very pleasant, especially if carried out with knowledge and a sense of how to act. The masseuse needs to understand your customer, to follow him, fine feeling of their response. However, we have repeatedly said that not only the technique itself […]

30 Apr 2019Posted in: Information

Some techniques of erotic massage

Some simple secrets of erotic massage Many people mistakenly think that it is not so difficult to carry out high-quality, exciting, exciting fantasy erotic massage. Enough just gentle touches to intimate places, playful stroking – and it’s done. But it’s not. Eromassage is not an easy procedure, seasoned with its own secrets that have existed […]

15 Apr 2019Posted in: Information

Oils for intimate massage

Why do we need oils in erotic massage Erotic massage – the procedure is special, filled with sensuality, giving an incredible feeling of touch and causing real pleasure. Since most of the techniques involves a direct impact on the male (and female too) erogenous zones, then do without special lubricants does not work. Otherwise, just […]

31 Mar 2019Posted in: Massage techniques

Round-the-clock eromassage

Erotic massage at any hour: everything for you How can there Be a definite time for sense gratification? Is it possible to drive pleasure within a specific hour? Of course not. That is why professional masseuses male Spa “Mask” are waiting for you at any time! The doors of our hospitable institution are constantly open, […]

15 Mar 2019Posted in: Relax for men

Erotic massage recreation of the Pharaoh

Erotic massage Technique recreation of the Pharaoh Erotic massage has been known to the world for a long time, and even in the era of the pharaohs it already existed. Specially trained women skillfully delivered to the Lord pleasure, without having sex with him. The world knows different techniques of sensual relaxation, but one of […]

28 Feb 2019Posted in: Massage techniques

How to make erotic massage a man

Erotic massage for men: how to do Why does any man never give up erotic massage? This spicy procedure of this bewitching warmth that makes you forget about everything? As they say, this question does not need to be answered in words, it is better to come and at least once to try on your […]

14 Feb 2019Posted in: Information

Erotic massage with Reiki

What is erotic massage with Reiki When talking about the erotic massage with the Reiki energy, often imagine the procedure is wrong. Thanks to the emerging associations, people draw in the imagination is quite a difficult technique with the obligatory use of a flat stick, such as Reiki. But in fact, everything is much more […]

31 Jan 2019Posted in: Massage techniques

Why do you like erotic massage

What is the secret pleasure of erotic massage Agree, sexual pleasure, passionate nights spent in each other’s arms – a necessary part of a normal adult relationship, only strengthens the Union of men and women. But, unfortunately, the frantic pace of modern life, especially noticeable in Metropolitan areas such as St. Petersburg, does not contribute […]

16 Jan 2019Posted in: Massage techniques