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How to make erotic massage a man

Erotic massage for men: how to do Why does any man never give up erotic massage? This spicy procedure of this bewitching warmth that makes you forget about everything? As they say, this question does not need to be answered in words, it is better to come and at least once to try on your […]

14 Feb 2019Posted in: Information

Erotic massage with Reiki

What is erotic massage with Reiki When talking about the erotic massage with the Reiki energy, often imagine the procedure is wrong. Thanks to the emerging associations, people draw in the imagination is quite a difficult technique with the obligatory use of a flat stick, such as Reiki. But in fact, everything is much more […]

31 Jan 2019Posted in: Massage techniques

Why do you like erotic massage

What is the secret pleasure of erotic massage Agree, sexual pleasure, passionate nights spent in each other’s arms – a necessary part of a normal adult relationship, only strengthens the Union of men and women. But, unfortunately, the frantic pace of modern life, especially noticeable in Metropolitan areas such as St. Petersburg, does not contribute […]

16 Jan 2019Posted in: Massage techniques

The pleasure of erotic massage

Maximum pleasure: how to behave in spas Erotic massage – the procedure is the most pleasant. It helps to relax completely, to forget about the oppressive problems, to experience sensations that have not happened before. This is a real discovery of the sensuality of the body, a unique opportunity to know yourself better, closer, deeper. […]

30 Dec 2018Posted in: Information

Modern erotic massage

Modern erotic massage: benefits for men Eromassage is not an achievement of the last few decades of human development. No, a gentle, exciting procedure was invented in ancient times, when people learned their own body and sensuality. However, as time went on, varied the opinions, perception, attitude. It is not surprising that modern erotic massage, […]

16 Dec 2018Posted in: Massage techniques

Three types of sexual massage

Three types of sexual massage Sexual massage is different, but it is always distinguished by a certain intimacy, aimed at delivering maximum pleasure to the partner. At the same time, the sexual act itself is not assumed: the procedure only teases, causes excitement, makes you relax and experience feelings close to orgasm at the same […]

30 Nov 2018Posted in: Massage techniques

Oriental erotic massage

Eromassage Ethnic group: what is it Ethnics in erotic massage is represented, to a greater extent, by Oriental techniques. In General, this part of the world is deservedly considered the progenitor of pleasant, exciting procedures. It is not surprising that there are a variety of sensual pleasure. What are the types of erotic massage usually […]

15 Nov 2018Posted in: Information

Aqua gel massage

Aqua Gel massage: what is, use, sensations Over the entire human history invented a huge variety of massage techniques, including erotic. However, thanks to modern inventions, some particularly unusual, pleasant procedures were invented just recently, and they are not hundreds of years old, but only no more than a dozen. One of these is the […]

31 Oct 2018Posted in: Massage techniques

Aromatic oils for erotic massage

Meaning of odors in erotic massage It is Impossible to overestimate the importance of properly selected aromatic oil for quality and really relaxing erotic massage. A special composition of odorous substance helps to relax as much as possible, to experience incredible pleasure, to move into the world of your own dreams and outright fantasies. What […]

18 Oct 2018Posted in: Massage techniques

Erotic massage and marriage

As the erotic massage strengthens relationships It would Seem that erotic massage is just entertainment that has no consequences and assumes no responsibility. However, this is not true. If right to work on the erogenous point, not only can restore libido, to revive the passion, ignite the spark again, but to keep the family together, […]

30 Sep 2018Posted in: Massage techniques