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Masseuse Tanya Tanya Age: 23 Weight: 52 Height: 170 Breast: 2 About myself: Do you want to plunge into the world of complete relaxation and ecstasy? Where tenderness and passion envelops the body at the same time … then come to me. Massage types: All programmes

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Erotic massage at home

How to do erotic massage yourself Erotic massage is a procedure that hardly anyone will refuse. Very pleasant, relaxing and exciting at the same time, causing a unique range of different emotions. Could there be something even more pleasant? Actually, yes, it can. Especially magical eromassage becomes when it is carried out by a loved […]

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The five senses and erotic massage

How does eromassage affect all five human senses Erotic massage is, without a doubt, a very pleasant procedure. It is both relaxing and exciting. It gives you an unusual feeling and just helps you easily endure the stressful conditions of life in a big city. But the most pleasant thing about eromassage is that any […]

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Why massage makes people happy

Erotic massage-source of happiness Few people will argue with the statement that erotic massage hides the source of real bliss and happiness. It not only gives relaxation and makes you completely abandon depressing thoughts, but also brings incredible pleasure. Don’t believe me? See for yourself: it is as if a person is discovering himself anew, […]

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Top 3 myths about eromassage salons

Top 3 most important myths about eromassage Erotic massage, of course, firmly entered the life of modern man. It is used by both men and women, getting a pleasant relaxation after a stressful working day. And yet, there are still various myths about eromassage, most of which have nothing to do with reality. Today we […]

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Features of female erotic massage

What are the features of female eromassage When talking about erotic massage, it usually means that it is about male pleasure. Indeed, the most avid fans of the magic procedure, as a rule, representatives of the strong half of humanity. But this does not mean that girls do not go to eromassage. Of course they […]

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Where they teach erotic massage

Where and how to learn the art of erotic massage Erotic massage is a very popular service in the modern world. Why not? Because it not only relaxes and gives pleasure, but also returns sensuality, restores libido, increases sexuality. People who are first introduced to a pleasant procedure, discover new aspects of physical pleasure. As […]

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Sexuality and erotic massage

Sexuality in erotic massage Erotic massage is an opportunity to feel something new and discover other facets of sensual physical relationships. The contact of bodies, tenderness, unusual sensations-all this is hidden in a pleasant procedure. But not only that. Sexuality is an integral part of eromassage. And since it differs between men and women, today […]

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Erotic massage, cheating or not

Is erotic massage cheating The attitude to erotic massage even in a modern, generally tolerant and liberated society is quite uneven. This fact cannot be denied or disputed. But today we will try once and for all to resolve one of the most popular questions that often torment married Spa visitors: will such a procedure […]

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Top 5 popular types of eromassage

Five favorite erotic massage techniques Erotic massage shakes, excites, causes a feeling of real buzz. It’s not for nothing that people love him so much. But still, as practice shows, only certain techniques are in particular demand among customers. Those that soon become the hallmark of modern spas. Today we will tell you about five […]

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