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Types of massages you didn’t even know about

Massage – a procedure invented a long time ago. Previously, such pleasure was received only by the elite, the powers that be, because not everyone could afford the services of professionals. Today everything changed. Any man can come to St. Petersburg Spa “Mask” and experience incredible pleasure at a convenient time of day, but!

Today we will not talk about the delights of erotic massage, which are undeniable. It’s time to look at the modern variety of pleasant (and sometimes not!) procedures in all their splendor and singularity.

So, we present: original and often quite unexpected massage techniques.

Massage objects

Massage, including erotic, has existed for centuries. Delivering sensual pleasure, as well as stretching the muscles, putting in place the internal organs, accelerating the blood flow, people have learned to use their own body to achieve goals. In the course are hands, feet, Breasts and even the whole body, from which the procedure is the most pleasant and exciting.

It would Seem that still it is possible to think up? But human fantasy is inexhaustible, and now there are a variety of techniques using unusual items.

  • Volcanic rocks
  • This type of massage originated a long time ago. Making it, the girls use heated stones that have broken away from volcanic rocks. It is believed that such minerals are saturated with necessary macro-and microelements, but most importantly-positively charged. If properly massage their body, the effect will exceed all expectations.

  • Water
  • Water is, of course, no object, but is also actively used in conventional and intimate massages. Often used the shower, which gives an elastic, point, directional jet. The skin becomes toned, the blood flows faster through the veins, and in General, there is a charge of vivacity. Can be used ice, which, too, under the right application of opens range of physical sensations.

  • Herbal bags
  • Also very interesting and unique massage technique, which came from Thailand (there generally like all sorts of unusual things). The peculiarity is that in addition to his own hands, the master also uses special bags, in which medical, fragrant, exciting herbs are sewn. A special mixture of dried plants is heated through the fabric and produces a pleasant aroma. It is believed that in contact with the body, it causes the production of the hormone endorphin, promotes maximum relaxation and relief from stress, anxiety.

Other “bonuses” can be used in preventive, therapeutic and erotic massages. For example, special aroma oils that cause a magical range of feelings and deliver the highest pleasure. Sometimes the wizard include wonderful treatments weightless lather that is so gentle on your skin. The Chinese like to back any massage techniques philosophy. They have a common procedure that helps to open the “third eye”. On the forehead to the customer pour the oil very thin stream, and the body at this time actively flexing.

Today, in a world of constant stress, especially felt in huge Metropolitan areas such as St. Petersburg, massage is becoming one of the ways to relieve the growing tension, feel lighter, freer. It is very much in demand among the working population, which so restores lost strength. Come to the Spa “Mask” to relax and cheer up!

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