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Some simple secrets of erotic massage

Many people mistakenly think that it is not so difficult to carry out high-quality, exciting, exciting fantasy erotic massage. Enough just gentle touches to intimate places, playful stroking – and it’s done. But it’s not. Eromassage is not an easy procedure, seasoned with its own secrets that have existed for more than one thousand years. Today we will light some of them a little bit for you.

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What is fluttering technique

So, the first and perhaps the most important secret of the wonderful procedure is the so-called fluttering technique. What is it?

If you’ve been to eromassage before, you know it’s unpredictable. The hands of the girls are elusive, and the man will never be able to predict where they will be in the next moment. It’s like butterflies flying over a flower meadow: now here, in a second already somewhere there, and it is unclear on what flower they decide to land.

This “fluttering” of hands and fingers is called “fluttering technique”. The man lies in anticipation, waiting for new touches. Often, the masseuse abruptly interrupts the procedure to literally a second to resume it, but somewhere else. And butterflies: take-off from one flower and a little roamed over the green meadow, go where they want. Hand movements, as well as weightless, beautiful creatures of nature, can not be predicted – this lies a special, exciting charm.

Slowly increasing the tempo

In general, the procedure cannot be considered a prelude to sexual intercourse, although often in married couples this is exactly what happens. But our erotic massage without sex, although the maximum excitement is achieved. How does this happen? Let’s open another little secret.

Any modern intimate massage is based on ancient techniques that came, as a rule, from the East. Several things related to people’s sexual relations were valued there:

  • special sensuality, increasing excitement;
  • stimulation of different erotic zones, body examination;
  • slow, but full immersion in what is happening.

In other words, the procedure was given in full, without remainder. Therefore, the massage took place on the rise. At first, the touch was light, as if timid. But gradually the pace increased, the most exciting person. Touch became more open, bold, stroking passed into different massage elements, bringing to ecstasy.

Although hundreds of years have passed, nothing has changed. And today the girls working in our Spa, start as if timidly, and finish brightly, aggressively. Come – and you will feel what happens erotic massage, fully revealing the sensual possibilities of your body and showing new, incredible facets of pleasure.

We are waiting for you in the cozy St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”!