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What music is best for erotic massage

Erotic massage – the procedure is certainly very pleasant, especially if carried out with knowledge and a sense of how to act. The masseuse needs to understand your customer, to follow him, fine feeling of their response. However, we have repeatedly said that not only the technique itself is important, but also other conditions: dim lights, an atmosphere, the right music.

That’s just about musical accompaniment throughout the procedure, we will now discuss. What should be the composition to best meet the expectations of the client?

And those who do not want to read, and want to feel all the relaxation, welcome to St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask”. Here professional masseuses will help to relax as much as possible, will give a sense of joy and flight, will show new facets of sensual pleasure.

Why do we need music on eromassage

Music is one of the directions of art that does not require any additional perception, it is accepted by a person immediately and finally, adjusts to a certain mood, causes a strong emotional response.

Some compositions excite, inspire, make you breathe deeply. Others, on the contrary, relax, adjust to complete detachment from the world, make it possible to listen to yourself and be somewhere beyond the ordinary. Music carries away, fascinates, creates the necessary spirit – and for this reason it is impossible to do without it if you want high-quality, beautiful and really working erotic massage.

Coming to such an unusual procedure, people want to achieve two goals that seem to be completely opposite. First, completely abandon all problems and worries and dissolve at the top of bliss. Secondly, to feel the sexual discharge, to increase your own libido. Of course, this can be achieved without music, but with the right compositions the effect will be much stronger and more impressive.

What kind of music can be called correct?

Select the desired music

Any erotic massage without sex, if you want to achieve the maximum effect, should have excellent music. As a rule, the compositions are selected slow, tuning for relaxation, monotonous and preferably without words. Here are the basic requirements:

  • special rhythm, fascinating and immersing in a state similar to trance;
  • muted, sounds should sound quiet and not cause the desire to move;
  • infinity – the melody should not be interrupted, so one long soundtrack is chosen, preferably without words;
  • if you take the music with words that are important melodiousness motive, smoothness of speech;
  • perhaps a selection of ethnic songs, authentic wind music, folk instruments, but not loud.

For erotic massage suitable composition relaxing, unusual, space. The ones about which they say that they take on another level of reality, zastrugivajut deep emotional strings and trigger a response in every cell of the body. The task, of course, is not easy, but if you manage to solve it correctly, you will achieve amazing results.

Well, if you just want to experience the full force of this eromassazha conducted with the right music. Welcome to St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”! We guarantee: you will not just like it! It will be a truly magical journey into new facets of sensual pleasure!