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Some secrets of erotic massage

Erotic massage – the improbable pleasure carrying away on top of relaxation and pleasure. Any person who has tried the procedure at least once will want to repeat it again and again. Most of the techniques invented in ancient times and have not only sensual, but also philosophical component. We offer a short dive into the world of erotic massage.

Want to experience the beauty of the procedure on your own body? Come to the Spa for men “Mask”, which is located on Nevsky prospect, 51. Here you will be able to choose from different techniques the one that will give the best sensations. Quiet music, pleasant lighting, soft touch of beautiful girls will add spice to the experience. In the meantime, go to us, we recommend reading about the features of sensory techniques.

A small tour behind the scenes

Erotic massage has many techniques, species and subspecies, and is popular worldwide. Born, mostly in the East, he has long conquered the planet, because there are few people who do not love sensual touches. To masseuses or masseurs in salons the following requirements:

  • understanding and knowledge of the features of techniques;
  • availability of necessary medical education;
  • complete uncomplexity;
  • willingness to listen and understand the client;
  • nice appearance, confidence, attractiveness.

To give a man (and sometimes woman) is an ideal, thanks only to the close contact, no intimate act, you need to accurately master the technique and understand exactly what you’re doing. That is why in the East only geisha – specially trained courtesans – had the right to carry out erotic massage.

Initially, the demand was unwavering: massage is not a prelude to sexual contact. But, as practice shows, often such procedures ended with intimacy. In modern salons such an outcome is completely excluded. Our girls accumulate sexual energy, cause desire, excite imagination, strengthen libido of clients. The implementation of the same takes place in the home.

What methods are

Most of the tech was invented by the ancient Eastern peoples, with a special reverence and interest belonged to the emotional side of human life. The intimate game exciting both partners was put at the forefront. It was thought: touching each other, a man and a woman mutually exchange energy, thereby rebelling the right energy balance.

Today to traditional methods of erotic massage were added modern, based on achievements of medicine, and also equipment. In our salon anyone will feel not only the beauty of the Ancient East, but also new techniques: urological massage, Aqua-foam treatments and more. Only in the” Mask ” charming employees will spend an unforgettable intimate massage, carrying away into the beyond worlds of nega. We invite you to relieve tension and maximum relaxation!

Any technique of erotic massage brings not only bliss and pleasure, but also tangible health benefits, especially – in the sexual sphere. Libido comes back, wakes up attracted to the opposite sex, increases potency. Also for this reason it is recommended to visit pleasant sessions and to be given to incomparable pleasure.

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