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Common myths about massage

Massage can be different, but, as a rule, the main myths and misconceptions associated with It relate to almost any procedure. After all, whatever variety you choose, the main essence remains always the same. So, there are delusions, too.

Of course, no one will argue that erotic massage is still different from the classic one. At least the fact that it involves a closer and even somewhat intimate contact, as well as a certain discharge. And yet they do not exist without each other, and in their therapeutic part they are very similar. If you want to go through an amazing procedure that increases libido, we invite you to the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. Experienced masseuses are sure to help you relax completely. and you will appreciate the magic power of these amazing, life-giving procedures.

Well, while you are going, we offer a few common myths about any massage technique.

What many people are wrong about

So, massage. It really relaxes, performs a certain preventive function and is often prescribed by professional doctors as one of the useful components of complex therapy of various diseases. Including the sexual sphere, if we are talking about erotic massage without sex, which also gives unearthly pleasure. It’s all true. Now let’s talk about what is only partially true. or even belongs to the realm of myths.

Consistency is the key to success

Many people believe that if the massage is performed frequently and regularly, it will only have the best effect. In fact, this is one of the main myths. Any procedure must be performed in courses, usually in ten sessions. Only in this case, the therapy will achieve the necessary results. The recommended break between these courses is approximately two to four months.

Manual therapy and massage are the same thing

No, no, and no again. The chiropractor develops your joints and bones, working specifically with the human skeleton. The masseur has a completely different sphere of influence. This specialist works with soft tissues, mainly skin and muscles. And if we are talking about erotic massage, then also with erogenous zones.

Pain is an indicator of correct technique

Again, this is not true. If the procedure is performed by a really experienced specialist with excellent knowledge of human anatomy, there will be no severe and permanent pain. Some techniques, of course, involve the occurrence of unpleasant sensations, but this is passing and quite tolerable.

Massage-strengthening and developing muscles

Again, by itself, no massage develops muscle strength, nor does it form the desired body relief. It perfectly unloads, relieves tension after training, restores the correct tone. However, if you want to develop your muscles, then there is only one way, proven for centuries: exercise.

Any massage technique has its roots in antiquity. Many of them have been around for centuries, constantly evolving. It is not surprising that people have so many myths associated with this area of life and health. We hope that today we have helped you get rid of some of the misconceptions that are most common in modern society.

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