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Erotic massage: many faces and amazing

People are used to the concept of erotic massage, however, few can explain exactly what it is. Many confuse with usual sexual foreplay, others in General are lost, looking for the answer to a juicy question. Techniques and techniques of modern massage without intimacy – a huge set, most of which are based on the author’s achievements of professionals in this field of services. Ancient philosophical views, developments of physicians (and not only) of the middle Ages, the rich experience of our time have generated an endless variety of pleasant procedures.

What is erotic massage like

The first rule of the stimulating procedure is no sexual contact. The massage should cause us to want to warm up the person to set a possible intimate relationship, but nothing wrong with the walls of the cabin should not happen. That is why in the process of almost any kind of piquant service, it is possible to have a direct impact on the erogenous zones of the client, but this is all limited.

The task of erotic massage – to relax and at the same time as much as possible to excite the person, to cause the strongest feelings which any sexual act does not give. A talented specialist and a true fan of his work will apply different ways of touching the client’s body:

  • light or sufficiently noticeable plucking;
  • gentle strokes, kneading every muscle in the body;
  • point impact on specific areas of the body;
  • touching hidden erogenous zones;
  • touch other body parts (tongue, Breasts, feet, etc.)

As a result, the person experiences an unprecedented feeling. Such procedures, in contrast to the classical medical, reveal the potential of the human body, allow you to experience an unfamiliar sensual experience. Many people don’t even know what the reaction is capable of, while not experiencing the heady touch.

It is no secret that the majority of techniques of erotic massage is based on the ancient Eastern teachings that arose in China, Japan and India. There special attention was paid to the sense sphere of human existence, the full disclosure of which was achieved through certain procedures. That is why it is still the old method will remain valid and delight in modern humans.

Features of modern techniques

Now the methods of relaxing-exciting procedures have become even more diverse and bold. Many places, including St. Petersburg men’s Spa-salon “Mask”, combined ancient techniques with the latest fashion trends. So there were stunningly beautiful and really erotic techniques Aqua foam massage, massage mistress or spicy procedure using strapon.

A technique based on medical knowledge, combine incredible fun and real health benefits. However, doctors consider that there are no such touches which would really help to remove internal tension. We prefer not to argue with this statement, and invite you to us, for example, urological massage. To evaluate how useful this procedure is for men’s health.

Finally, the proper excitation of erogenous zones helps a person to completely abandon the problems of the outside world, plunging into the sensual abyss of genuine pleasure. Sometimes our clients experience feelings that take away beyond the reach of the world. They are genuinely amazed at the sensitivity of his own body. Are you sure you know exactly what you’re capable of? We invite you to come to our hospitable room “Masks” and things like that.