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Massage Muladhara: when you find yourself at the peak of bliss

Saint Petersburg. The city which is worthy to bear the title of one of the most beautiful in Europe, and, perhaps, worldwide. A Bastion of culture, the home of talents, the cradle of art. And yet, it is Russia’s largest metropolis. In order to achieve something and to survive in the harsh conditions of a modern big city, you need to plow. Work, work, work, and breaks for food or sleep also work. She dominates all of the successful men of the cultural capital, forcing it to spin to provide the family a decent life.

It is therefore not surprising that over time, men lose interest in the intimate life and, tired, come home to eat and sleep. The consequences of stress, which is gradually accumulated by the body. How to deal with negativity? It’s simple: come to erotic massage Muladhara in the men’s Spa “Mask”. The school, which give relaxation and help to release tension, is located in the center of St. Petersburg: Nevsky prospect, 51. But first, suggest to learn more about the proposed procedure.

What is massage Muladhara, and where he came from

Massage Muladhara is surprisingly gentle, relaxing, giving pleasure and a sense of lightness, erotic procedure. Generally, traditionally it is only for men and it aims to reveal its sexuality and completely remove the stress of the day. For women a similar relaxation – massage of the Yoni.

Birthplace of unusual equipment – India. Mention of it occurs even in the “Kama Sutra”, and this book is a detailed needs no introduction. Can this be a prelude to a sexual act? In fact, the answer to the question is yes and no.

Because, according to Indian philosophy, the chakra muladhara is located in the genital area during the massage Muladhara is a beautiful girl gentle, stroking movements not only stimulates the groin area, but the genitals of a guy. But this is where it ends. You are sure to experience the excitement, only to realize it will have a home with the woman he loved.

The point is incredibly pleasant procedure is to open the appropriate chakra. In other words, to bring a man and set on eroticism and intimacy. We can definitely say that our girls in the salon are perfectly cope with the task! Whether you are a massage Muladhara? Guarantee: more than!

Which gives a procedure, or the effect

First of all, massage Muladhara is a technique with obvious sensual overtones, so the fun you’ll get. Moreover, it will be sharper than usual sexual satisfaction, because during the procedure, very soft and gentle touches on all erogenous zones.

However, in addition to the incomparable buzz, this erotic massage without sex and will give a lot of positive points:

  • you will get rid of the stress accumulated not even for days or weeks, but for months and years;
  • you will feel like a real lover, and this impulse will definitely evaluate the second half;
  • you will survive a few moments of incredible pleasure, lose yourself in bliss;
  • you will feel like the person who just passed the upgrade procedure is so easy and will be good during and after the procedure.

In addition, massage Muladhara carries a positive effect on health: improves blood flow in the genitals and pelvic organs, saturates the body with oxygen and greatly increases overall vitality.

In short, not only cool, but also really useful! Want to experience the incredible sensual adventure? Then join us in “Mask” and order a tender erotic massage exclusively for men!

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