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Massage lady: give her power!

It just So happens that men are considered the stronger sex. And yet, sometimes the stronger sex so I want to be in the female power! If you want to experience complete submission, and feel themselves under tender foot, we invite you to our salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg! Charming, powerful and incredibly beautiful employee “Mask” will massage lady, so that you head will spin! It will be an amazing adventure full of emotions and deep feelings, drive, positive. And what else is needed, residents and guests of our huge metropolis, albeit cultural, but happy to suck all the life juices?

What is the massage lady, and that you will experience

As is clear from the name, ordering the massage lady, you occupy a position of subordination. And really are. The ancient art that came from Japan, with a clear pattern of behavior and conduct, reconciled to each action. In principle, such a game can be fun and home, with the woman, but you will get from the procedure not only unconditional fun but also a real benefit. What makes it so great? But a lot of things.

First, the massage lady is not carried out haphazardly. He has a clear concept and an interesting philosophy. It is believed that, occupying a dominant position, the girl giving a man a significant portion of its own energy. And she had a beautiful half of humanity are very kind, friendly, creative. Obeying, the man is totally dedicated to female power and literally bathed in the rays of positivity, gets the highest pleasure, excited by sexy and pours out all the accumulated negative.

In addition, even purely from the psychological side guys sometimes useful to throw off the burden of leadership. Just relax, allowing the woman to act for them. The massage lady is not a prelude to the sexual act. This is a very enjoyable treatment with many benefits

  • man experience the ultimate relaxation, bordering on bliss;
  • hand poured, restored libido and sexuality;
  • gentle touch relax muscles, improve blood flow;
  • nice music and friendly conversation to reinforce good feelings;
  • beautiful women mistress give a unique state.

In short, this is intimate massage without the sex. He teases, plays, excites. Of course, like that! of course, many customers back in the “Mask” to again and again to experience the incomparable feeling. Moreover, feelings are really multi-faceted, cannot be described in a few words, they need to survive, and better multiple times to catch every detail. It’s like expensive perfume, which can not comprehend the beauty and elegance of flavor at one time.

About the girls who are hiding under the “Mask”

A few words deserve our charming masseuses. They are not only true professionals of the business, knowing all the secret area guys, but also a talented artist. You will receive not just a massage, and perfectly executed a play in which girls will show all of authoritativeness and inaccessibility of the true ladies. They will have to knead, caress, grope and RUB, and you can not do anything to oppose. Willing to take the risk? Then come to “the Mask” and experience who works with us!

Welcome to Spa-salon for men the insane fireworks brightest sensations! Guarantee that it will be very hot, bright and seductive. And if you really want to be under soft women fifth, the “Mask” is the best school in all of St. Petersburg. Institution in which ascend to the stars!