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Couples Massage: delight in the double size

Love is wonderful feeling in my stomach butterflies, and behind grow huge, strong wings. It seems that it always will be, and you plunge headlong into this maelstrom of delightful emotions. But over time, unfortunately, disturbing sensations pass. So they are not faded at all, feeling the need to constantly update and maintain. But how? What are the options for interesting activities, we offer in Saint Petersburg? It would seem that a million!

But really, not everyone wants to go to the theater, and after some time bored. Movie – too cheesy, Nightclubs are too noisy. Sooner or later there comes a time when there is a desire just to relax, but with a pinch of peppercorns. We invite you to salon of erotic massage “Mask” where life even the most daring fantasies and dreams come true. You can relax separately from each other, but agree, this is not quite what we would like. That’s why we offer this service as massage for couples. The feeling is incredible, an enormous heap of emotions and impressions that will last a lifetime. Plus, bright, very hot spark to your fire of passion. Don’t believe? Well, just come and check it out.

What is it, and how it happens

As is clear from the name itself, a couples massage is carried out both for guy and for girls. That is, you not only enjoy, but also contemplate how close enjoys favorite people. The excitement is rising, emotions are running high, it seems that even a little bit- and explode a volcano of passion, smashing everything in its path. One hundred percent relaxation after this new twist in your love relationship is guaranteed.

This erotic massage involves four people: the couple and two girls who will carry out the procedure. Perhaps he is one of the most popular in St. Petersburg because the best option for mutual enjoyment just isn’t there. It’s sexy, beautiful, very exciting. And, of course, extremely healthy, because:

  • helps to relax and renounce all the cares;
  • gives a sense of happiness, peace, peace;
  • handles every muscle, removing accumulated over the entire day’s tension;
  • improves blood flow, supplying all the organs with oxygen;
  • returns energy, restores strength, gives pleasure;
  • helps to refresh the relationship, even those spouses who very long time together.

Generally, a couple’s massage can be considered as a spicy variant of some love games. In any case, you will experience the influx of libido, and so powerful, which only happens in adolescence. And certainly, the event reflected on the intimate lives of lovers only the best.

You want to add color to the relationship, to feel something new, experience a real erotic adventure?

You want the second half was pleased and thanked you with a wonderful night filled with romance, bliss and passion?

You want a splash of butter in the already dying fire of a relationship? Then a couples massage in the men’s Spa “Mask” in St. Petersburg – one of the best solutions. We are sure you and your other half will love, and will want to repeat time and again!

Welcome for the new, the magical and unique experiences, and let you personally everything will be fine!