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Why do we need oils in erotic massage

Erotic massage – the procedure is special, filled with sensuality, giving an incredible feeling of touch and causing real pleasure. Since most of the techniques involves a direct impact on the male (and female too) erogenous zones, then do without special lubricants does not work. Otherwise, just all the fun will be gone. As a rule, various oils act as excitatory and lubricating substances.

But what else would you use oil in the massage takes place? Today we will talk about it.

Oil – instead of lubricant

Lubricant – a substance that lubricates the intimate organs, so that during their massaging, friction or kneading there is no discomfort. Today, manufacturers offer a lot of different compositions that serve the described purposes and, in General, perfectly cope with the task, but still there is nothing better than natural oils. They are delicate, fragrant, with a pleasant texture. As if created by nature itself in order to give pleasure.

The following natural substances are used as lubricants in erotic massage without sex:

  • Peach oil. It has a delicate aroma, very gentle and pleasantly moisturizes the skin.
  • Coconut butter. One of the best organic lubricants, plus also has a pronounced relaxing, calming effect. It has a solid consistency, but melts at body temperature.
  • Shea butter. Also hard. One of the most famous and common in cosmetology. It soothes, well lubricates the skin, does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Organic oils. It can be olive, linen or sesame. Of course, they do not have exquisite flavors, but cope with the task well.

Erotic massage is always performed using lubricants, otherwise during the procedure you will feel more discomfort than pleasure. Natural oils not only make the skin moist and slippery, but also saturate it with the necessary micro-and macronutrients, nourish, vitaminize.

What else uses the oil to erotic massage

Oils are the most demanded product in erotic procedures. They are used not only as lubricants, but also as aphrodisiacs – substances that cause sexual desire, arousal. Often for such purposes are essential oils of bergamot, cloves, patchouli, roses, cinnamon, ginger and others. Come to St. Petersburg Spa for men “Mask” to experience the magical power of these seemingly simple substances.

In addition, erotic massage incredibly in demand a variety of aroma oils that do not cause strong sexual desire, but, thanks to the subtle, delicate smells, relaxing and conducive to a calm, pleasant rest. Their compositions are selected carefully and thoughtfully to create a cozy atmosphere, and the client is set up for a pleasant procedure.

We are waiting for you at the Spa for men “Mask”, which is located on Nevsky Prospekt of St. Petersburg. Come at least every day, at any time. Come and experience all the magic and power of erotic massage made with love especially for you.

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