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Do not be shy, or how to order erotic massage

For modern men erotic massage – unique and at the same time pleasant opportunity to distract from daily problems, having plunged into Nirvana of relaxation and sensual pleasure. However, not every representative of the stronger sex will decide to come to the salon and order such a service.

In general, we are sure: there is nothing to be ashamed of, because all the procedures, although they bring incredible pleasure and sometimes balance on the verge of permissible, are not preludes to sexual relations. We invite you to the intimate massage salon “Maska” on Nevsky prospect 51. Our girls are able to give true pleasure the touches!

But how to order this service, his eyes closed on their own shyness? In fact, nothing complicated here.

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The doors of our salon hospitably thrown open to every man. “Mask” is conveniently located in the heart of the Northern capital, and to get here is not difficult. Charming employees of the institution own almost all the techniques of erotic massage, thanks to them, you will experience in St. Petersburg bliss, which was available only to the Eastern nobility. You will feel the life-giving power of the most ancient techniques, based not only on physical sensations, but also on a fine philosophy. Really relax, be detached from worldly cares – and you will be carried away to the world where pleasure reigns.

We will tell you how the service works and what you need to do to get your portion of sensual relaxation.

Instructions for first time visitors

What is a proper erotic massage? This is not only a pleasure for the body, but also undeniable health benefits. People living in a furious rhythm of St. Petersburg, it is necessary at least once a month to really relax, so as not to exhaust yourself completely. Moreover, everything is simple:

  • Come to the Spa “Mask” and choose the type of massage. Can see the techniques in advance or in consultation with our collaborators, to determine the specific service already in place.
  • Before the procedure will have to take a shower. It will be very pleasant because the charming girl (at the request of the client) can keep you company.
  • You are now updated and ready for the massage itself. Absolutely naked lie down on the table, relax and wait for the beginning of the action.
  • Any erotic massage which is not assuming intimacy is divided into two parts: at first you will be relaxed and prepared for the main stage. Then the fun begins-exciting touch in erogenous zones.

Nice, sexy, unusual – so you can briefly describe the amazing sessions that are conducted for clients of our masseuses. And no matter how you treat such procedures, we guarantee: everyone will love it! After all, this is almost the only opportunity to experience true pleasure without dipping into the vortex of sexual passions.

Order erotic massage without sex in St. Petersburg Spa-salon “Maska” – and you will be sincerely and deeply surprised at what bright, improbable reactions your body is capable if to it correctly to touch!