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How to perform proper erotic massage

What do you need for a proper erotic massage, bringing not only pleasure but also benefit? Full and confident knowledge of the technique, the ability to have a client, understanding the meaning of the procedure. All this you will get in the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. Charming girl, fluent in ancient Eastern secrets helps you to relax, to plunge into a Nirvana of pleasure, improve your health.

But how will they do it? Today, our employees are ready to reveal some secrets, but, of course, not all. Girls are willing to tell how to hold a classic erotic massage, and what stages it consists of.

From and to: how is the classical procedure

Many men are embarrassed to cross the threshold of the Spa, because they have no idea what will happen behind closed doors and are afraid that eromassazh is akin to treason. In fact, all these are common and incorrect stereotypes, from which it is better to dismiss and go towards complete relaxation. Especially in the living conditions in the huge metropolis, which is St. Petersburg, it is easy to reach the chronic stress, completely frustrating health.

So, you ventured – and crossed the threshold of our institution. What’s next?

  • Stage one: ablution
  • The first thing that they do in all erotic salons, and of course, in the St. Petersburg institution “Mask” – taking a warm shower. This is important, because, first, helps to relax, and secondly, adjusts to the desired mood. Of course, washing makes a beautiful girl. In addition, at the request of the client, she can also take a bath with you. At the same time, intimate contact is completely excluded, because the first and most important rule of real eromassazha: sensual pleasure should not be sexual! About treason you can forget: its here and not is supposed to

  • Step two: rubbing
  • No intimate massage is complete without special oils. They prepare the skin for further manipulation, nourish, relax. Moreover, the aromas of essential substances are selected in such a way as to cause the desired feelings. If the client is too clamped, the girl will choose a smell that promotes emancipation. If, on the contrary, overly excited-soothing, even sleepy. Gentle rubbing is an integral part of sensual bliss.

  • Stage three: intimate touch
  • After the man is fully prepared for further action, the most interesting begins: touching. At first they are light and do not affect the intimate areas, but gradually become more daring and Frank. In the process of erotic massage, the girl is sure to stimulate not only the body of the guy, but also the genitals, thereby causing a storm of incredible emotions. Do not forget: we are talking about a classic procedure. Others are held somewhat differently. For example, Thai body massage involves contact with the whole body, and Aqua – the use of water jets for additional stimulation.

  • Step four: getting rid of problems
  • Erotic massage – the procedure is not only pleasant, but also useful. Properly executed, it cures many problems associated with the sexual sphere. Returns the libido, gives the opportunity to experience orgasm and pleasure from sex again. It is believed that such techniques release negative energy, allowing a person to open up to sensual pleasure.

Do you want to experience all of this in person? No problem! Spa “Mask”, located in the heart of St. Petersburg, on Nevsky Prospekt, is open to you! Come – and with a head dive into the Nirvana that allows you to turn away from all the worries!

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