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Erotic massage for men: how to do

Why does any man never give up erotic massage? This spicy procedure of this bewitching warmth that makes you forget about everything? As they say, this question does not need to be answered in words, it is better to come and at least once to try on your own body. We invite you to the St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”, where you will be offered a variety of techniques to choose from. But today we will talk not about professional sessions, but intimate ones-those that take place at home, behind closed doors of bedrooms.

What are male erogenous zones

Many will answer the question without hesitation: it is the genitals and groin, and very much mistaken. The fact that any intimate massage involves a direct impact on the most sensitive areas of the male body, but they are not limited to what we have listed. Moreover, you will be surprised how multifaceted and amazing the body of each person, and the excitement can arise from different touches. For example:

  • in the area of shoulder blades, back, waist;
  • on the fingertips, the backs of your hands;
  • in the area of auricles, lobes;
  • gentle strokes of the coccyx;
  • touching feet, shins, and more

Everyone is different, erogenous zones are different. There are no and can not be any stereotypes, truths, far-fetched rules. This erotic massage, conducted gently, with the arrangement, involving the mutual pleasure of both partners, wakes the sensuality of a man, revealing such a powerful potential of the body that often the owner is surprised at what incredible reactions-sensations he is capable of. Want to please your loved one? Open his erogenous zones!

Several rules of home eromassage

Let’s start with a simple: how is professional erotic massage different from home? First of all, the degree of trust, relaxation that a person experiences. Even in such a cozy, beautiful salon of intimate massage as “Mask” on Nevsky to relax as at home, in his bed, next to his beloved, will not work. That’s why you already have a distinct advantage over the professionals: your man relaxed, tuned for the upcoming fun.

This is where the fun begins. There are a lot of methods of excitement, you will understand how to act better that your person received the maximum pleasure, but! Be sure to turn on his favorite relaxing music and do not forget about the dim light, beautiful lingerie (or better at all without underwear, because many techniques involve contact with the bodies) and pleasant aromas.

Easily touch the buttocks, lower back, thighs, gradually move to your feet: fingers, shins, groin area. Play with the spine, stretch your back. After that, you can gently slap on the buttocks, and then lifting to the neck and ears. Remember: erotic massage does not tolerate haste, because do everything measured, gently, teasing.

We will definitely continue the theme of piquant procedures at home. Well, those who want to get into the hands of these professionals, always waiting in the magical St. Petersburg Spa “Mask”. We will offer different techniques for you, uplifting to the peak of sensual pleasure!

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