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Maximum pleasure: how to behave in spas

Erotic massage – the procedure is the most pleasant. It helps to relax completely, to forget about the oppressive problems, to experience sensations that have not happened before. This is a real discovery of the sensuality of the body, a unique opportunity to know yourself better, closer, deeper.

But at the same time, the erotic massage is a treatment which is still treated with caution, often (and incorrectly!) confused with something forbidden. This opinion directly affects the perception of salons that provide a piquant service. Treat them suspiciously, looking for the catch, compare with other places with a dubious reputation. And even if you decide to visit the Spa, behave cautiously, intensely. It spoils not only the mood, but also the pleasure of what is happening. We decided that it was time to talk about how to behave in such institutions.

Well, to test the knowledge gained in practice, we invite you to the men’s Spa “Mask”, which is nestled in the heart of St. Petersburg-on Nevsky Prospekt. Come and make sure that nothing terrible happens in such places! On the contrary, there are all conditions for quality, complete relaxation.

How to treat erotic massage

The first thing that is important to understand: erotic massage – no foreplay, no sexual games, no veiled intimate act. Rather, it is a beautiful procedure aimed at unlocking the potential of the body, the release of negative energy, getting a real, complete relaxation. Of course, it is assumed a direct impact on the genitals, but only for the sole purpose: to deliver sensual pleasure!

And, it is important to understand one more thing: not every girl can hold a really useful erotic massage without sex. It requires an understanding of male physiology, knowledge of certain techniques, the right approach to the client. Only with proper stimulation of erogenous zones, a person will receive the necessary discharge. But they still need to be found!

Come to the Spa with a good mood, ready for intimate touches, not clamped. Although, not every our client is relaxed when he orders the procedure. That is why we propose to adhere to simple rules of conduct.

Unspoken set of simple rules

You have come for the first time, you feel a certain stiffness, tense. Well, here are a few rules to help you get over yourself:

  • tune in only on the positive, relax, throw any bad thoughts, the fear, forget the problem;
  • restrain your own fervor, do not stick to the girls, do not interfere with them to do their job, otherwise there will be no effect;
  • in any case, do not be rude to the employees of the salon, otherwise they will not be able to perform a massage with a soul, because they will be upset;
  • do not try to delay the “climax”, follow your body, as eromassazh limited in time, and you just run the risk of not having time;
  • do not dwell on thoughts, do not analyze what is happening – just allow yourself to relax and surrender to pleasant sensations.

Relaxation is only possible when a person is attuned to It. The frenzied rhythm of St. Petersburg does not contribute to normal, complete relaxation. You can get it by contacting our Spa. But! Remember: only the correct behavior, human attitude and mood for pleasure will help to feel the full force of a pleasant procedure.

We invite you to the St. Petersburg men’s Spa “Mask”, so you really feel the pleasure!