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Yoni massage: boundless fun

Erotic massage is called because that affects, in particular, and on the genitals of a person, awakening deep passion, causing the inflow of libido and the resulting excitation. Love games couples it relates to the preliminary caresses, ending sexual intercourse. But in the Petersburg salon of erotic massage “Mask” it’s a little different. You will receive here and relaxing, agitation, and pleasure, but no sex. And one of the coolest procedures will be unforgettable Yoni massage. It is interesting to the girls, after all, held exclusively for them!

What is Yoni massage and how can it hold

Yoni massage is a counterpart lingam massage which stimulates the male sexual organ. If guys came up with such a procedure, why not come up and for girls? So a Yoni massage.

In the process it gently stimulates the female sexual organ. This is a tantric technique, saturated with Oriental philosophy and has interesting theoretical component. If to translate into Russian language, the “Yoni” means “belly”, or the place where begins another life. The purpose of the procedure is to cause the flow of positive energy here, to create favorable conditions for conception and subsequent pregnancy.

In the East believed that direct stimulation of the genital organs women helps to relax and to experience incredible bliss. If you remember that sexual relations, according to the tantric knowledge, something more than just the act of copulation, then everything connected with them, endowed with sacred meaning and brings not only physical pleasure, but emotional.

Thus, the Yoni massage is a treatment which enhances the woman at conception, easy pregnancy, safe, painless birth. This mild stimulation of the genital organs, causing the inflow of desire. Occurs mainly through friction, but it is also possible to connect light stroking and touching. All the action is accompanied by beautiful music and dim lights that maximize total relaxation. The girl should be given until the end of their own feelings, completely disconnect from the outside world and focus on the reactions of the body are the main conditions of the correct erotic massage.

What gives Yoni massage

it is Clear that the pleasure is incredible. Moreover, the procedure to unlock the potential of the female body, gives the opportunity to experience sensations you have never felt before. Almost as fun as sex, only without the sexual act itself, and a much longer, deep, bright. And besides, plenty of positive points:

  • complete relaxation, away from all the problems that burden crush on you;
  • splash accumulated stress, strong emotional discharge;
  • return the lost libido, a rush of desire;
  • a new view on life;
  • recovery of sensuality and sensibility
  • improve blood supply to reproductive system;
  • overall tone, positive energy, improved well-being.

In short, in the modern metropolis, which is Saint-Petersburg, relaxation is necessary. That is why we invite you to Yoni massage in Spa salon “Mask”. Here, relaxing music, you will drift away into another world. A world where pleasure reigns, and the songs of birds of Paradise are everywhere.

We are sure you will come home relaxed, satisfied and happy. And relationship with her husband will go to a whole different level. And opens the door to a new life more beautiful, full of feelings and real!

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